Loyola University Chicago

Department of Anthropology

Archaeology Lab

Hands-On Learning

The archaeology lab provides a shared space for students and faculty to work together on research projects involving archaeological remains and contemporary materials. Students learn current methods of identification and analysis of artifacts, biological remains, and their contexts. These activities are associated with lab courses as well as independent research projects in both the field and the lab.

Research Orientation

Evolutionary theory demonstrates that contemporary human and environmental problems are rooted in the past. Archaeology provides a rigorous scientific methodology for making connections between the present and the past. Its methods have been applied to the study of modern problems such as waste disposal behaviors and human responses to environmental change. Archaeology is also concerned with preserving and documenting remains of the past before they are lost.

Education and Research Opportunities

  • Study of archaeological remains from Loyola Campuses, domestic, and international locations.
  • Action archaeology studies of contemporary human activities and disposal behaviors.
  • Hands-on projects associated with Anth 241: Principles of Archaeology, Anth: 360: Issues in Archaeology, Anth 362: Issues in Biological Anthropology, Anth 365: Archaeological Lab Methods, Anth 366: Lithic Technology, Anth 398: Independent Studies, Anth 399: Fieldwork in Anthropology.
  • Get funding for your research from the Loyola Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.
  • Please contact the appropriate anthropology faculty to learn how you can get involved.