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Loyola University Chicago Receives $100M Gift from the Schreibers


Loyola University Chicago is excited to announce a $100 million gift–the largest individual gift in the University’s history–from John and Kathy Schreiber to fund full scholarships, room and board, and an array of comprehensive support services for aspiring Black, Latino, first generation, and other ethnically and racially diverse students who are historically underrepresented in higher education.

Together, the University and the Schreibers aspire to create a new, $500 million restricted portion of the University’s endowment that would make these resources permanent–empowering students to attend and successfully graduate from Loyola for generations to come. The Schreibers’ gift is the foundational investment in this planned program, which aims to fund hundreds of students when fully funded.

To learn more, visit LUC.edu/schreibergift/