Meet Baumhart Scholar Erica Loper

Meet Baumhart Scholar Erica Loper

By Jaycie Weathers, Student Reporter

Erica works for Hyatt Hotels Corporation as a Manager of Operations Analytics. Beyond being an invaluable asset to her team, Erica brings her passion for workplace equity, especially for people of color, to Hyatt as the B.L.A.C.K. diversity business resource group Events Chair. She also works directly with Hyatt’s HR team to build and execute initiatives to recruit and retain top talent from Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Baumhart Center: What drew you to the Baumhart Scholars program? What are you hoping to accomplish throughout your MBA experience?

Erica Loper: I was immediately drawn to the Baumhart Scholars program because of its purpose rooted in social impact as well as the individualized mentorship component of the program. Through my MBA experience, I hope that the curriculum coupled with the connections made will empower me to be the face of change in corporate America through diversity, equity and inclusion via multicultural marketing.


BC: Within your organization, how are you promoting social business and social responsibility? What are your immediate goals and long-term visions for Hyatt?

EL: I’m promoting social business and social responsibility within my company by building new relationships and leveraging existing relationships in order to increase the representation of people of color in corporate America, particularly for early talent. My immediate goal is to continue to assist Human Resources in recruiting at least two full-time employees who are of diverse backgrounds in Accounting and Finance functions.


BC: What sparked your interest to be a social business leader? 

EL: The lack of diversity, equity and inclusion in the private sector is what truly sparked my interest in being a social leader. Being an African American woman in corporate America with a discipline in finance and being, in most cases, the only person of color in the room and, in some cases, the only woman in the room, prompted me to figure out how best I can drive change in this space.


BC: What has been your proudest achievement in your professional life?

EL: My proudest achievement has been graduating from Howard University; the experience was so fulfilling and instilled in me a mindset that education is my passport to the future.

BC: If you could give your 18-year-old self a piece of career advice what would it be?

EL: I would tell my 18-year-old self to be bold! And most of all to not let others’ opinions of you dictate your path and your purpose.