THE INNOVATOR IN SOCIAL BUSINESS AWARDS is a nationally significant award series sponsored by the Baumhart Center at Loyola University Chicago that recognizes companies who are at the forefront of social innovation in business. The awards celebrate companies across three categories of innovation: Purpose and Profit, Environmental Stewardship, and Social Impact. A ceremony is held during the Baumhart Center’s annual Leading for Good conference which convenes business leaders to provide the needed skills, knowledge, and networks to accelerate social value creation in their respective companies.

Award Categories

The Parkinson Award for Purpose & Profit, named after Bob L. Parkinson, Jr., is given annually to the initiative that best embodies a holistic approach to marrying purpose and profit.

The Social Impact Award is given annually to the company that best addresses an urgent social issue through its business model.

The Environmental Stewardship Award is given annually to the company that best embodies business leadership for a sustainable world.

Award Winners

2024 Winners

2023 Winners

2022 Winners

2021 Winners

  • Parkinson Award: sweetgreen
  • Environmental Stewardship: Honeywell
  • Social Impact: Cleveland Avenue and the Cleveland Avenue Foundation for Education
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2020 Winners