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Urban Social Benefit Incubator

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The Urban Social Benefit Incubator builds the capacity of Chicago-based nonprofit organizations and social enterprises through student-led consulting projects. The incubator annually supports organizations and enterprises in three strategy areas:

  • Specialized Business Support (Year-Round)
    Students supervised by the Loyola Business Leadership Hub provide specialized business support to mission-driven nonprofits and social enterprises.
  • Nonprofit Management (Fall)
    Undergraduate student teams support small nonprofits (less than $5 million budget) in developing their theory of change, a grant application, and a fundraising pitch.
  • Social Enterprise Strategy (Spring)
    Graduate student teams support early social enterprises in developing their conceptual model and solidifying their plans for either launch or scaling.

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To date, the Urban Social Benefit Incubator has supported more than a dozen nonprofits and social enterprises. Below is a sample of the companies we have partnered with:

Chicago Advocate Legal
Concordia Place
Unearth the World