Loyola University Chicago

Bike to Loyola


Loyola’s campuses are conveniently located along many easy to access bike routes. New online mapping applications make it easy to plan your route. Check with other bikers as they may have preferred routes to consider.  In most cases, the best driving route and the best biking route are not the same.

Here are some popular online bike maps to help you decide the best route to ride:

When thinking about your route, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Ride on streets with bike lanes with enough room to stay away from the “door zone”.
  • Choose protected bike lanes or off-street bike lanes when you can.
  • Consider riding on residential streets when you can, just be careful at four-way stops to clearly communicate with others.
  • Cross major streets at intersections with traffic signals and respect your light.

Many mapping applications allow you to search for directions by bike. Make sure you choose this option as you don’t want to end up riding onto a highway or Lake Shore Drive accidentally!