Loyola University Chicago

Bike to Loyola

Storage and Parking

Loyola maintains bike racks at all campuses so that you have a place to lock your bike when you arrive. A map of LSC bike racks can be found here. Where possible Loyola provide sheltered bike parking or longer-term storage. As a university policy, bikes are not allowed in Loyola facilities however some exemptions can be allowed under certain conditions. Please check with Facilities or Campus Safety for more information. To request use of the bike corral at the Lake Shore Campus you must register your bike with campus safety at LUC.edu/safety/bike-registration.shtml

Tips on locking your bike securely

It is always best to lock your frame and both wheels to a fixed bike rack, parking meter or other sturdy piece of metal affixed to the ground. Never lock only one wheel or to another bike. Look for places that have high visibility (thieves like to work in private).

Should your bike be stolen on campus report this to Campus Safety. If off campus file a report with the Chicago Police Department. In either case, also report your stolen bike to the Chicago Stolen Bike Registry. This resource keeps tracks of bikes stolen in Chicago so that if stolen bikes are resold they can be identified and returned to their owner.