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Abandoned Bike Policy

In an effort to allow fair access to bicycle racks and to maintain a clean campus environment, Loyola Campus Safety has created an Abandoned Bicycle Policy.

A bicycle shall be deemed abandoned if it: (1) is in a state of disrepair as to be incapable of being operated in its present condition, or (2) has not been moved or used in more than 90 days and bears physical indicia of having been deserted.  This can include, but not be limited to; excessive rust, rust on chain, seat and handlebars coated in dirt or dust, flat tires.

Any bicycle deemed abandoned pursuant to the above will have a notice affixed to it which informs the bicycle’s owner that the bicycle appears to be abandoned.  Campus Safety Officers are authorized to affix such notices upon bicycles.  This notice shall indicate: (1) the phone number and website address to contact Campus Safety so as to inform them that the bicycle is not abandoned; and (2) the date after which the bicycle may be removed if it is not claimed by its owner.

A bicycle shall not be deemed to be abandoned if the owner of the bicycle, within fourteen days of the affixing of the notice of abandonment, notifies Campus Safety that the bicycle is not abandoned or relocates it.

If a bicycle is not relocated or claimed by its owner within fourteen days of the affixing of a notice of abandonment, the bicycle will be removed and retained by Campus Safety for a period of forty-five days.  If after being removed by Campus Safety, a bike is not claimed by its owner within the forty-five day time period, it will be donated to the Loyola University Chicago Bike Club.

The above policy also encompasses any parts of a bicycle on campus (i.e. a tire, frame without wheels, etc) as well as the actual lock or chain that is affixed to a rack but is not presently secured to a bicycle.

If any student, faculty or staff is planning on leaving their bicycle on campus for an extended period of time (i.e. summer break, while spending a semester studying abroad, etc) they must register their bike with Campus Safety and indicate the time frame in which they will be away.  Anyone leaving their bike on campus for an extended period of time is strongly encouraged to secure it in one of the bicycle corrals.

For more information, see Campus Safety's Bike Policy.