Loyola University Chicago

Department of Biology

Timothy Hoellein


  Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2008, University of Notre Dame
Aquatic Ecologist
Phone: 773.508.8859
Fax: 773.508.3646
E-mail: thoellein@luc.edu


Ecosystem processes and biogeochemistry; the use of metrics of ecosystem function and seasonal dynamics for evaluation of human impacts and restoration in aquatic ecosystems. Currently I am conducting research projects related to the influence of restoration on N cycling in eutrophic coastal habitats in NYC, measuring the role of freshwater bivalves on N transformations, and analyses of biofilm activity on anthropogenic litter and microplastic in aquatic ecosystems.

Representative Publications (*undergraduate students, §graduate students)

§Lindeman, S., Castignetti, D., Zarnoch, C.B., and T.J. Hoellein. In Press. Effect of eastern oysters (Crassostrea virginica) and seasonality on nitrite reductase gene abundance (nirS, nirK, nrfA) in an urban estuary. Estuaries and Coasts

§Turek, K.A., and T.J. Hoellein. 2015. The invasive Asian clam (Corbicula fluminea) increases sediment denitrification and ammonium flux in 2 streams in the Midwestern USA.  Freshwater Science 34(2): 472-484

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Hoellein, T.J., Zarnoch, C.B., and R. Grizzle.  2015. Water quality influences on eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) feeding, biodeposition, and sediment N cycling in Great Bay, NH. Biogeochemistry 122(1): 113-129

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