Loyola University Chicago

Department of Biology

Faculty Research

Faculty research interests fall into three broad areas: cell and molecular biology; biochemistry and physiology; and organismal biology and ecology. Click a faculty member's name to view his/her faculty research Web page.

Biology Faculty

NameArea of Research
Berg, Martin Aquatic Ecology
Burns, Michael Molecular Biology/Bioinformatics/Cancer Biology/Microbiome Research
Cavanaugh, Daniel Cell and Molecular Biology, Neuroscience
Cheverud, James (Chairman) Quantitative Genetics and Morphology
Dale, Rodney Developmental Biology
Delgado, Jary Excitatory synaptic plasticity and learning and memory 
Grande, Terry Vertebrate Evolution
Grillo, Mike Plant Evolutionary Genetics
Hoellein, Timothy Aquatic Ecology
Kanzok, Stefan Malaria Biology
Kelly, John Microbial Ecology
Mierisch, Jennifer Developmental Biology
Milanovich, Joseph Aquatic and Vertebrate Ecology/Herpetology
Pickett, Bryan Plant Genetics/Development
Putonti, Catherine Bioinformatics and Microbial Evolution
Rochlin, William Developmental Neurobiology
Sanger, Thomas Evolutionary and Developmental Biology
Stuart, Yoel Evolutionary Ecology, Adaptation
Tuchman, Nancy Aquatic Ecology
Turner, Caroline Microbial Experimental Evolution
Wheeler, Heather Bioinformatics and Human Genetics
Ye, Hui Biomedical Engineering
Yu, Wei-Ming Developmental Neurobiology, Auditory Neuroscience

Adjunct Faculty

NameArea of Research
Grauer, Anne Paleopathology
Havens, Kayri Plant Conservation/Ecology
Peterson, Christopher Aquatic Ecology