EXPL 390 (formally UNIV 390) is a 3-credit seminar course that focuses on organizational leadership through an internship or advanced student employment experience. Students work a minimum of 100 hours over the semester at their organization, while reflecting on their work experience in the context of organizational leadership, civic engagement, community development, and leadership in the community. 

EXPL 390 fulfills the Engaged Learning requirement and provides for general elective credit.

For Non-Profit Management Minor students, EXPL 390 is one of five courses required for Non-Quinlan students and  one of three courses for Quinlan students. For more information, visit Quinlan School of Business - Nonprofit Management website. 

Enrollment in EXPL 390 requires permission. Before enrolling a one on one meeting is required, prior to scheduling the meeting, please complete this information form and then email informing the staff you have filled out the form and someone will respond. Please email to experiential@luc.edu 

FAQs regarding EXPL 390

Who qualifies to enroll in EXPL 390?

Students of any year and any major can register for EXPL 390.

Does my internship need to be unpaid in order to enroll in EXPL 390 and gain credit?

No, academic credit and pay are not mutually exclusive. (This is for all academic internship classes, not just EXPL 390.)

How often does EXPL 390 meet?

EXPL 390 meets at least six times a semester, about twice a month or more depending on course schedule.

Does EXPL 390 fulfill any university requirements?

EXPL 390 fulfills the engaged learning requirement and provides three general elective credits.

How many hours do I have to work at my internship?

You must work a minimum of 100 hours during the semester you are enrolled in EXPL 390.

Can I use an internship I have already completed for the class?

No, you must be working at the internship throughout the entire semester you are enrolled in EXPL 390.

Can I use an internship that I am continuing for the class?

Yes, if your responsibilities have changed and/or increased. For example, if you worked in the Fall at an organization and continued working there in the Spring, you could take EXPL 390 using your Spring experience only if your responsibilities changed and/or increased.

How do I enroll?

Enrollment in EXPL 390 requires permission of the instructor and requires a one on one meeting to discuss internship and academic internship course. Prior to the requesting the meeting, please complete this information form and send an email to experiential@luc.edu informing the staff.