Loyola University Chicago


Department of Fine and Performing Arts


Students interested in receiving a dance minor should make an appointment with Dance Minor Advisor Mari Jo Barker.

Transfer-Student Residency Requirement: At least 9 credit hours of the dance minor must be completed at Loyola. 

‚ÄčA total of 18 credits are required to complete the dance minor.

Foundations (6)
Course Number Title Credits
DANC 250 Historical Context in Contemporary Dance Practice* 3
DANC 260 Topics in Dance 2
DANC 270 Dance Kinesiology* 3
DANC 280 Adaptive Dance Practices 3
DANC 360 Dance Pedagogy 3
DANC 370 Dance Composition* 3
DANC 394 Internship 1-6
DANC 395 Independent Study 3
DANC 397 Fieldwork 1-6
DANC 398 Research in Dance  1-3
MUSC Music classes may be applied to the dance major with approval from Director of Dance, Sandra Kaufmann 3
Note: * indicates that a student must be a declared DANC major or minor to enroll
Studio Techniques (12)
Course Number Title Credits
12 credits may be taken at any level
DANC 111 Ballet Dance I: Theory and Technique 3
DANC 121 Modern Dance I: Theories and Techniques 3
DANC 131 Jazz Dance I: Theories and Techniques 3
DANC 212 Ballet Dance II: Theory and Technique 2
DANC 213 Ballet III Advanced Continuing Ballet 2
DANC 222 Modern Dance II: Theory and Technique 2
DANC 232 Jazz Dance II: Theories and Techniques 2
DANC 261 Topics in Applied Dance 2
DANC 275 Global Influences in Contemporary Dance Practice 2
DANC 311 Ballet IV Intermediate Ballet 2
DANC 312 Pointe I: Introduction to Pointework 1
DANC 313 Ballet V Advanced Ballet 2
DANC 314 Pointe II: Continuing Pointework 1
DANC 321 Modern Dance III: Intermediate Modern Dance Theories and Techniques 2
DANC 331 Jazz Dance III: Intermediate Jazz Dance Theories and Techniques 2