Learn more about our Engineering Science Program

Hear from students and faculty about the curriculum and the supportive environment within the Engineering Science department. Learn more about different areas of specialized study and potential careers after graduation.

A hallmark of our program is our emphasis on active learning.  Rather than delivering a full lecture in each course, each professor provides a mini-lecture to go over fine points of the homework.  The class then breaks into small groups of 3-4 students, and conducts group activities (problem-based, collaborative, or service learning).  To facilitate active learning, there are never more than 24 students in any Engineering course section.  You can learn more about our active learning methodology, which facilitates student engagement and engineering retention, here.

Engineering Science is growing! Originally a standalone program housed in the Graduate School, we are now incubating in the College of Arts and Sciences. Per the strategic plan, we are building the infrastructure to become an Institute of Engineering Science by Fall 2020.  This will be our next step towards becoming a future School of Engineering.