OEC Response to Press/Media Inquiries

The Office for Equity & Compliance ("OEC") aspires to be transparent and communicative with our University community about any University policies, procedures, and available resources related to equity, discrimination, and sexual misconduct, so that all students, faculty, and staff can make informed choices about whether and how to engage with University services.

However, when inquiries from students, media, or others pertain to a specific allegation or reported incident, the OEC is limited by law in what we are able to share. As a general rule and in accordance with various privacy laws, the OEC will not share any personally identifiable information regarding employee or student discipline. In response to inquiries about reported incidents (not individuals), the OEC may be able to provide some limited information when, at our discretion, it is determined that such information is important for the University community to assess their safety. Such information is generally limited to the following (at a maximum):

  1. Acknowledging whether or not the University is aware of a particular incident that has been witnessed/reported by others;
  2. Confirming the classification of the primary parties involved (i.e. student, former student, employee, etc.);
  3. Sharing the status of the case, if applicable (i.e. under investigation, resolved, under appeal, referred to law enforcement, etc.); and/or
  4. Sharing “need to know” information that is necessary for the University community to assess and ensure their own imminent safety

These limitations are necessary to ensure the fidelity of ongoing investigations, cooperate with law enforcement (when applicable), and uphold the legal rights of involved parties. In all cases, the OEC will strive to balance the privacy and dignity of our individual students, faculty, and staff with the safety needs of the broader University community.

Press and other media inquiries about University policies or procedures related to discrimination, sexual misconduct, and retaliation (including inquiries concerning Title IX) should be directed to the Executive Director for Equity & Compliance, whose contact information can be found here.