Safe Haven Events

Programming around sexual assault and harassment, intimate partner and/or domestic violence, and stalking is an important educational tool. At times, it may be appropriate or reasonable to expect that students would disclose personal experiences with these topics during these programs. “Safe Haven” events are events where, even if one or more responsible campus partners are present, a personal disclosure or allegation of sexual misconduct would not trigger an obligation to report the matter to the OEC. When planning to host or facilitate a Safe Haven event (or any educational program about sexual misconduct), planners are encouraged to contact the Wellness Center or OEC to receive information about best practices. 

Safe Haven designation must be pre-approved by the Office for Equity & Compliance. Members of the Loyola community can request the Safe Haven designation for an event by submitting this request form.

Several elements must be in place before the event will be designated a Safe Haven event. These requirements include:

  • A trained Advocate must be present for the entirety of the program. To request a trained Advocate to be present at a proposed event, please contact the Advocacy Coordinator in the Wellness Center.
  • Advertisements must label the program as a Safe Haven event and be submitted with the request form.
  • Information about how to report sexual misconduct to the OEC must be provided to attendees during the event.