Resolution Procedures for Complaints of Discrimination & Sexual Misconduct

Complaints are resolved in one of three ways, depending on the circumstances of the alleged misconduct. 


Alternative Resolution Options

Alternative resolution options may be available in certain circumstances prior to reaching a determination regarding the respondent’s responsibility, when both parties agree and when the Executive Director for Equity & Compliance determines that the matter is appropriate for alternative resolution.

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Equitable Resolution Procedures ("ERP")

The ERP is intentionally broad in its scope and application, informed by the University’s mission and values and in compliance with applicable laws. Upon the filing of an ERP complaint, the University employs the ERP to thoroughly, fairly, and impartially assess the available evidence and implement an appropriate response.

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Grievance Process for Title IX Sexual Harassment

The Grievance Process, as distinct from the ERP, is narrow in its scope and is only applied to allegations of misconduct that meet the definitional and jurisdictional requirements of Title IX sexual harassment.

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