The Office for Equity & Compliance


The Office for Equity & Compliance ("OEC") promotes a culture of inclusion, safety, and accessibility at Loyola by implementing equitable and person-centered policies, coordinating impartial and reliable investigations, and providing relevant and practical training. By treating all students, faculty, and staff with dignity and respect, and by integrating Loyola’s institutional mission with the requirements of equity-based and civil rights laws, the OEC advances a vision of a caring and just University community, free of discrimination and sexual misconduct.

Scope of the OEC

In 2019, Loyola University Chicago founded the Office for Equity & Compliance ("OEC") to centralize and coordinate University-wide compliance with Title IX and other equity-based federal and state laws and regulations. The OEC exists to promote a culture of safety and inclusion within all University workplaces and educational settings. Through enhanced training, equitable and thorough investigations, and the close monitoring of new developments in Title IX, Title VI, Title VII, and related equity laws and regulations, the OEC advances Loyola's mission by fostering an informed and inclusive University community, free from discrimination and sexual misconduct. 

In maintaining the Comprehensive Policy and Procedures for Addressing Discrimination, Sexual Misconduct, and Retaliation (the “Comprehensive Policy”), the University meets or exceeds the requirements of federal and state civil rights laws and regulations to provide for a prompt, fair, and equitable administrative process. The core purpose of the Comprehensive Policy is to consistently and effectively prohibit all forms of discrimination, sexual misconduct, and retaliation across all campuses and stakeholder groups at Loyola. 

The OEC is comprised of the Executive Director for Equity & Compliance (Title IX Coordinator), three Deputy Title IX Coordinators, and a Paralegal/Case Management Specialist. The Deputy Title IX Coordinators serve as full-time, professional Equity Investigators who contribute to all aspects of the office's operations.

The work of the OEC is also supported University-wide by several key partners, including but not limited to the Office of the Dean of Students, the Wellness Center, Campus Safety, Human Resources, and the Office of the Provost