Loyola University Chicago

Faculty Council


Proposal for Upward Evaluation Procedure

December 11, 2002 / revised December 27, 2002


To revise our current process of evaluating deans, Faculty Council and Provost Faccione outlined Guiding Standards for evaluations of administrators (including Academic Deans, Academic Associate Deans, Department Chairs, and Academic Program Directors). They then chose a task force to propose a process to accomplish the type of evaluation outlined in the Guiding Standards (termed "Upward Evaluation"). The Task Force is comprised of Thomas DeStefani, SSOM,-Pediatrics; Sarah Gabel, CAS - Theater; Sheila Haas, Dean of Nursing; Linda Heath, First-Year Dean; Jim Johnson, CAS-Psychology; and Karla Petersen, Dean of Libraries. This is the first proposal of the Upward Evaluation Task Force, to be revised following comments by the Faculty Council and the Provost's Advisory Council, ultimately to be forwarded to the Provost for action.

Scope of Proposal.

The Task Force attempted to be faithful to the Guiding Standards outlined by the Faculty Council document while working from the following assumptions:

  • The evaluation process must be respectful of the workload required for those conducting the evaluation
  • The overall evaluation goal is developmental rather than summative, and the focus is improvement not retention decisions
  • The evaluations are intended to identify strengths as well as weaknesses of the person's performance.
  • Processes that can be quickly changed/implemented will be proposed as an interim step toward a more complete revision of the evaluation process, which will take several months to complete.

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