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Articulate Quizmaker

Articulate Quizmaker creates flash based interactive quizzes and surveys. These quizzes can be used as a stand alone module or embedded into an Articulate Presenter presentation. Quizmaker supports 20 question types (true/false, multiple choice, multiple answer, etc.). Multimedia video and audio can be embedded in each question.

Articulate Quizmaker Overview Demo

Below, you will find an overview demo by the creators of Articulate Quizmaker '09, meant to demonstrate how you can create custom quizzes and surveys. Click on the image below or click here to watch the video tour.

Sample Quiz: "Think Like a Manager"

The Articulate Quizmaker website contains a demo quiz that allows you to see how these quizzes can look and feel. Click on the image below or click here to watch the video tour.

To watch other demos tutorials from Articulate Quizmaker '09, visit http://www.articulate.com/products/quizmaker-demos.php

Pros & Cons

Narration capabilities allow for accommodation of multiple learning styles Articulate converts files into flash format, which is not accessible using screen-reader programs (not ADA compliant).
Low learning curve Grades from assessment can be e-mailed


Articulate Global Inc. (2011). Articulate Quizmaker '09. Retrieved fromhttp://www.articulate.com/community/.