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Risk Management

Welcome to the Loyola University Chicago's Risk Management home page.
The Financial Services Division - Risk Management reports to the Chief Financial Officer and is located in the Water Tower Campus -7th floor.  

Financial Services Division - Risk Management is responsible for the protection of Loyola University Chicago's human, financial and physical assets against hazard-related risks and third party liability.

If you require any of the following services or need to discuss related property and/or liability insurance matters, please contact the Risk Management Department:
Tel: 312-915-7861
Email: RiskManagement@luc.edu
  1. Certificate of insurance or evidence of insurance
  2. Vehicle identification form
  3. Vehicle accident reporting brochure
  4. Guidance on how to file the following types of claims:  general liability, automobile liability, property
  5. Surety bond
  6. Insurance compliance review services for any type of contract
  7. Questions concerning insurance coverage
  8. Questions regarding insurance coverage for new or existing Loyola activities and/ or Loyola assets

Certificate or Evidence of Insurance    

In the event that you require an insurance certificate or evidence of property insurance for an outside party, please be prepared to provide the following information to the Risk Management Department.
  1. Complete Name of outside party, Address and Contact Information, Including Telephone, Fax and E-Mail Address, of Person/Entity Requesting Insurance Input.
  2. Reason for the request including Name and Date of Event in applicable.
  3. Any special contractual requirements relative to insurance.
  4. Date on which insurance document is needed.

Vehicle Identification Form    

In the event that evidence of insurance is required for a Loyola owned or operated vehicle, please be prepared to provide the following information to the Risk Management Department.
  1. Complete description of vehicle - make, model, year, seating capacity including driver.
  2. If vehicle purchased by University, please provide purchase price.
  3. VIN
  4. Initial date of operation
  5. Department/person responsible for vehicle. 

Vehicle Accident Reporting Brochure    

Please complete the Accident Procedures Form and return it to the Risk Management Department.
Please note that this printed document is used to describe a bodily injury and/or property damage loss involving a Loyola vehicle. Its prompt completion as soon as possible after an accident helps expedite more efficient claims adjustment.  The "Vehicle Accident Reporting Form" is to be inserted in the glove compartment of every vehicle owned or operated by Loyola.

Claim Filing    

Please immediately contact the Risk Management Department in the event of any general liability, automobile liability or property-related loss.  Do not admit liability.  Take reasonable steps to protect any damaged property from further loss.

Surety Bond    

Surety bonds can be of varying types including, but not limited to bid, performance, judicial bonds.  Generally speaking, surety bonds are required in order to ensure that a specific activity is completed or that a specific contractual requirement is expedited. Please immediately contact the Risk Management Department;in in the event that a surety bond is required and be prepared to provide the following information.
  1. Description of project or circumstance requiring a surety bond.
  2. All correspondence regarding the necessity for a surety bond including confirmation of the required bond amount.
  3. Complete name, address and contact information, including telephone, fax and e-mail address of person/entity requesting surety bond.
  4. Date on which the bond is required.