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Student Workers and Teaching and Research Graduate Assistants
Reimbursement for Personal Cell Phone and Home Internet Data Usage Applicability During COVID-19 Pandemic
As a result of government and University restrictions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, a significant portion of University student workers and teaching and research graduate assistants (“students”) have temporarily transitioned to remote work arrangements. Student workers and teaching and research graduate assistants who incur costs for connectivity to University technology and applications by using personal cell phone and/or home Internet data plans are eligible for reimbursement of such costs up to a total of $50 per month if such costs are (a) incurred within their scope of student work, teaching or research responsibilities; (b) directly related to services performed for the University; and (c) authorized or required by the University.
Requests for this COVID-19-related reimbursement must be authorized by the student’s supervisor and budget supervisor.
Requests for reimbursement should:
  • Include a completed and approved reimbursement form coded to the appropriate COVID Accounting Unit[1] and Account 6230, Telecommunications.
  • Include supporting documentation (personal cell phone and/or home Internet data plan invoice); and
  • Be submitted within 90 days[2] of the period when the expense was incurred.
This COVID-19-related reimbursement will be applicable beginning as of  March 2020 and until such time that government and University COVID-19 restrictions are lifted OR the end of the student’s work/teaching or research graduate assistant appointment ends, whichever is earlier.
[1] 101813 – COVID Auxiliary; 101814 – COVID Administrative; 101815 COVID Academic
[2] Reimbursements submitted more than 90 days following the end of the month to which they pertain will be considered taxable income and subject to income and withholding taxes.
As of 4/7/2020, AP is continuing to process payment requisitions and issue payment per our regular payment schedule.  We will provide an update if the situation changes.

AP will accept email approval if you are unable to sign a payment requisition.  Please list the payee, the invoice number or description and the dollar amount to be paid in an email.  

AP is receiving many requests without a payment requisition.  Payment requisitions are still required.

Please forward the email with the invoice to the approver(s).  The approver should note "approved" in the email.  Once you have all necessary email approvals, send approval email, payment requisition, and backup to AP Inbox.  Please only send the final approval email with the payment requisition and invoice/backup to AP.

RUSH Requests
Email all rush requests directly to Patty Woods - pwoods2@luc.edu with a short explanation with the reason for the rush.



All new or inactive vendors and payees should complete an Electronic W9/W8 Form via our new web form portal beginning October 15, 2019.  To access the form, login into this link: forms.LUC.edu/w9/ and enter your vendor's email address.   An email will be sent to the vendor to complete the information securely online.  The LUC contact will receive a notification when the vendor completes the form.
Notes regarding W9s
  • Students can login directly to the link using their UVID/password to complete the form.
  • This form is not for current employees of the university, they do not need to complete a form.
  • W9s and W8s are valid 3 years from the date they are signed (not the date it is sent to A/P for the printed forms).
  • It is not necessary to have a current vendor complete the online W9 if they have a current W9 on file.
  • Address changes and new banking information or changes to banking information should be submitted using the online W9 form.


If your vendor is an individual performing a service for the University, they meet the initial qualifications as an independent contractor.  The Workers Classification form will be requested along with the Loyola signed agreement/contract in order for HR to review and make a final determination to classify the vendor as an Independent Contractor or Employee.



All agreements and contracts (including letter agreements) which obligate the University in any manger must comply with the Contract Policy.  Only the President, the Provost(s), the Vice Provost(s), the Senior Vice Presidents and the Vice Presidents (and, collectively, with any persons holding the foregoing titles on an interim basis, the "Authorized Officers") are authorized to sign agreements and contracts for the University within their respective areas of responsibility.  No payment will be authorized for any agreement or contract which is not signed and which does not otherwise meet the requirements of the Contract Policy.  Please see the University Contract Policy for additional details. 



  • Payment requests submitted to A/P that do not conform to the guidelines below will be returned to the department for revision and re-submission.
  • Expense reimbursement forms are for employee and faculty reimbursements only. All other reimbursements, including students who are not on the University payroll, must be submitted via a Payment Request form.
  • Requests for an honorariums must be on a separate payment request form from any requests for reimbursement of expenses.
  • Loyola University does not pay off of statements.  Please obtain invoices from the vendor and submit.  As a reminder, there should be one invoice per payment requisition.
  • Effective Jan 1, 2019, A/P no longer accepts one payment requisition for multiple invoices.  Each invoice should be on a separate payment requisition.
  • The Foreign National Information Form should be submitted with payment requests for Foreign Independent Contractors, lecturers, presenters or visitors that will perform or provide a service and be paid through LUC A/P.
 Other Reminders
  • Payment requests must be approved and include documentation to support the payee and amount.  Two signatures are required for requests over $5,000.
  • Wherever possible an invoice should be obtained.  This helps prevent duplicate payments to the vendor.
  • Each payment request and its supporting documentation (invoice, email, etc) should be submitted in the same PDF attachment (e.g. pg 1 payment request, pg 2 invoice, etc)
  • For honorariums paid to speakers invited by faculty members to make a presentation that occurs in the closed forum of a scheduled course, in addition to the completed Payment Requisition, supporting documentation such as a statement from the academic area confirming the speaker’s name, event date and the amount of the honorarium to be paid, is required.
  • ACH is the preferred method of payment for all requests.  Please encourage your vendor to sign up for ACH payment using the Electronic W9 form.
  • As employees come and go from your department, please update your signature cards.
 Additional questions can be directed to Accounts Payable at Accounts-Payables@luc.edu.