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Financial Services

Procurement Card Program

The Procurement Card (ProCard) Program is designed to provide an efficient way to procure business-related goods and services and to directly pay for business-related travel and entertainment expenses. Under this program, qualified purchases and expenses can be charged directly to the ProCard. All ProCard transactions are billed centrally to the University and paid directly to the card-sponsoring bank. Those individuals purchasing small dollar goods or travelers performing Loyola business are expected to be the primary users of the ProCard.

The ProCard program transfers purchasing capability directly to the cardholder within limits determined by existing policies and the cardholder's department head or budget administrator. Rather than require a purchase requisition and purchase order or a check requisition, the ProCard enables departments to quickly and conveniently purchase goods and services directly from any vendor that accepts Visa. Similarly, the ProCard enables employees traveling on University business to directly pay for travel expenses rather than requiring employees to be reimbursed after-the-fact. In addition, the ProCard does not affect the cardholder's personal credit in any manner.

Participation in the ProCard program is a convenience that carries responsibilities along with it. Although the card is issued in individuals' names, it is University property and consequently, no personal purchases may be made using the ProCard. All University procedures related to procurement, travel and entertainment, including accounting for purchases and travel and entertainment, should be followed.

All cardholders are required to read the Procurement Card Users Manual and attend a training session prior to receiving their card. Cardholders must also have an active University e-mail address. Monthly Procurement Card meetings are held at LSC, WTC, MCL, and LUMC in order to provide a forum for feedback regarding issues related to card usage and policies as well as to discuss modifications or improvements to the ProCard Program.
In addition, Cardholders are responsible for following Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).  It is a violation of the ProCard policy to share the physical card and/or card number with anyone.  Transactions made with a ProCard should ONLY be processed by the person to whom the card was issued. Moreover, ProCards cannot be transferred from one employee to another (when someone leaves the University, changes departments or no longer requires a ProCard), as they are issued to an individual and not to a department.  Cardholders should NEVER e-mail their full 16-digit ProCard account number to anyone (including both external merchants and internal Loyola ProCard Administrators, supervisors or budget administrators). When storing ProCard statements and documentation, cardholders must ensure that full 16-digit credit card numbers are not listed on ProCard receipts, invoices or registration/order forms.  When full 16-digit account numbers are displayed, cardholders must redact (Strike out) account numbers so that only the last four digits are visible.  Furthermore, cardholders should never photocopy the front and/or back of a ProCard or store ProCard expiration dates or 3-digit CVC/CVV codes.  Moreover, ProCard account information (full 16-digit account numbers, expiration dates, 3-digit CVC/CVV codes) may NOT be stored electronically on a University computer, server, electronic flash drive or optical storage device (e.g., CD or DVD). 

Non-compliance with the program's policies and procedures or fraudulent use of the ProCard will result in suspension of ProCard privileges and, in some cases, may result in termination of employment.

Click here to view the most current version of the Procurement Card Users Manual.