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Financial Services

Obtaining Access

To gain access to financial applications or other university tools, you may need to complete a form or application that would require Financial Services review. Expand each section below for system information, how to request access, and where to find guides and documentation.

Please note: Any Fillable PDF forms that may be required to request access should be downloaded/saved and opened with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. Forms should not be completed in the browser window.

For a full list of finance forms by department, please visit the Financial Services Online Forms webpage.

  • System Information: The Electronic Payment Requisition Application is used to route invoice payment requests for approval and submission to Accounts Payable electronically. All staff, faculty, and student workers are eligible to submit payment requests. Please note that only those with the appropriate signature authority may approve payment requests. For more information about the difference between the Lawson Requisition Center vs Electronic Payment Requisition Application click here.

  • Requesting Access:  All Loyola University Chicago faculty and staff can access the system automatically with their network ID and password. 

  • System Guides/Documentation: A System user guide can be found here and system FAQ can be found here.
  • System InformationLawson RQC is an online application used to create purchase requisitions (purchase orders) that are routed to the Purchasing department. For more information about the difference between the Lawson Requisition Center vs Electronic Payment Requisition Application click here.

  • Requesting Access: A System Access Request Form(Instructions) should be used to establish new or revised access to RQC for one user. For existing users, an AU/Level Access Form (Instructions) can be submitted to request additional or revised access to RQC for one AU or Level.

  • System Guides/Documentation: Lawson RQC Web Entry Procedures and Approver Guide can be found under Lawson Documentation here: https://www.luc.edu/finance/fsdoc.shtml
  • System Information: Signature Authority indicates whether the user is authorized to initiate or approve payment requests/make purchases/transfer expenses for AUs or Levels.

  • Requesting Access: An AU/Level Access Form(Instructions) can be used to request additional or revised Signature Authority for one AU or Level. A System Access Request Form (Instructions) can also be used to establish new or revised Signature Authority for one user.
  • System Information: The purpose of this form is to grant supervisory rights access to those supervisors/managers who will be responsible for overseeing, monitoring, and approving timecards.

  • Requesting Access: Complete a KRONOS Supervisory Rights Access Form and submit it to Payroll Services at Payroll@luc.edu. Once access has been granted, you will have admission to the whole location division. Your confidential discretion is strongly advised. Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing.

  • System Guides/Documentation: Kronos Documentation & Tutorials can be found on the Payroll Services website.
  • System Information: The Procurement Card (ProCard) Program is designed to provide an efficient way to procure business-related goods and services and to directly pay for business-related travel and entertainment expenses. Under this program, qualified purchases and expenses can be charged directly to the ProCard. All ProCard transactions are billed centrally to the University and paid directly to the card-sponsoring bank. Those individuals purchasing small dollar goods or travelers performing Loyola business are expected to be the primary users of the ProCard.

  • Requesting Access: To learn more about card issuance and access please click here

  • System Guides/Documentation:  For ProCard announcements, program news and online resources, please visit the LUC ProCard Sharepoint website.
  • System Information: The Loyola University Budgeting Application is a comprehensive Web-based application designed to incorporate all aspects of Loyola’s budgeting process. The system offers historical data, as well as enhanced flexibility in budgeting options

  • Requesting Access: Email FinancialPlanning@luc.edu to request access to BAS.

  • System Guides/Documentation:  The system user guide can be found here.
  • System Information: All faculty and staff at Loyola University Chicago are highly encouraged to use Egencia to book University-sponsored travel due to the enhanced benefits, customer support, and overall travel assistance provided.  Egencia provides both an online booking tool as well as agent-assisted support for more complex itineraries. 

  • Requesting Access: Faculty and staff are automatically granted access to Egencia.

  • System Guides/Documentation: For travel-related information and communications, please visit the Travel Resources SharePoint or the Travel Resources website. If you do not have access to the Sharepoint site and wish to view it, please request access and it will be granted. 
  • System Information: Loyola's Pre-Qualified supplier for office supplies

  • Requesting Access: Provide the following information in a Microsoft Word document to Purchasing@luc.edu:
    • User name: (your Loyola log on UVID)
    • E-mail address:
    • Department Name:
    • Street Address (LSC):
    • Building Name:
    • Building Number:
    • Room Number:
    • Accounting unit(s):