Loyola University Chicago

International Admission

Course Registration

Course registration for Rome Start students will take place in mid-June. The Assistant Dean of Academic Programs at the John Felice Rome Center will personally walk you through the registration process during a telephone registration appointment. You will receive an e-mail in May regarding your appointment time and date.

Preparing for Course Registration

To prepare for course registration, students should familiarize themselves with the Fall 2018 course options at the John Felice Rome Center.

Before your registration appointment, please review the Rome Start Fall 2018 Course Registration Overview

  • One section of each of the bolded course offerings is required; therefore all students should choose to enroll in one (1) section of PHIL 130 Philosophy and Persons and one (1) section of UCWR 110 Writing Responsibly 
  • All students will be automatically enrolled in the only section of UNIV 101 Freshman Seminar (Tuesdays, from 10:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m.), a one-credit course mandatory for all first-year students at Loyola University Chicago.

  • Students are expected to choose three (3) courses in addition to the three (3) aforementioned requirements, for a total of 6 courses/16 credits. 
  • To view course descriptions, access the course catalog by logging in to LOCUS using your username and password (found in your admission letter). Under the heading Course Catalog and Schedule, click “View Course Catalog.” Search using departmental abbreviations found on the course list.  
  • For a listing of all courses and syllabi at the Rome Center for Fall 2018, review our comprehensive course list. Please note that because of prerequisites, first-year students may not be eligible to enroll in all classes.  
  • Italian language is not a requirement for students in the Rome Start Program. Should a student wish to enroll in an Italian class at a different level than 101, students may complete a placement exam during orientation in August. Please note that some programs have a language requirement.

  • (*) Indicates a core course, satisfying one of the required knowledge areas of the university’s core curriculum. Only classes with an asterisk (*) will count for Core credit. 

  • Any students with pending AP/IB credit should inform Carla Mollica, Assistant Dean of Academic Programs at the Rome Center. 

What is the Core Curriculum?

The Loyola University Chicago Core Curriculum seeks to play a key educational role in every Loyola student's undergraduate experience. Designed to provide both breadth and depth to a student’s program of study, the Core Curriculum introduces students to key concepts and modes of thought in a variety of knowledge areas by requiring fulfillment of specific courses. In particular, the Core introduces students to ten central Knowledge Areas of university learning, with a consistent focus on learning outcomes for those Areas. Core coursework develops students' understanding through knowledge and experience in the Knowledge Areas of Artistic, Historical, Literary, Quantitative Analysis, Scientific Literacy, Societal and Cultural, Philosophical, Theological and Religious Studies, Ethics, and written communication. 

Placement Assessments

Students will receive instructions in May should they be required to complete online placement exams. All students are required to take any required online placement exams before registering for classes.

Ensure you’ve sent your final high school transcript and any AP or IB credit to Loyola. Loyola must have a copy of your final high school transcript on file before classes begin.

By registering for classes, the student acknowledges that he/she is responsible for paying all tuition and other fees associated with these classes. Loyola will generate an electronic bill (e-bill) by the 15th of the month following the student’s course registration appointment.


Questions about courses and all other issues related to first-year academics at the Rome Center can be emailed to Carla Mollica.