Loyola University Chicago

Midwest Modern Language Association


The Midwest Modern Language Association is composed of an administrative component and an executive committee.

Administrative Component

The administrative leadership of the MMLA consists of an Executive Director, Graduate Editorial Assistant and Program Coordinator. The MMLA headquarters are located at Loyola University Chicago in Chicago, Illinois. The administrative staff includes:

Christopher Kendrick, Loyola University Chicago Executive Director
Linda Winnard, Loyola University Chicago Program and Subscription Coordinator
Mary Harmon, Loyola University Chicago Editorial Assistant
Gabbi Dufrene, Loyola University Chicago Student Intern, Fall 2019

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the administration of the association, determines all policies of the association and approves the association's annual budget. In addition, the Committee serves as the editorial board for the Journal of the MMLA. For a more detailed description of the duties and election procedures of the Committee, please see the bylaws of the association. Members of the executive committee serve three-year terms beginning immediately after the annual meeting at which their election is announced. Two new members are elected each year.

For 2018-2019, the Executive Committee comprises the following individuals:


Eloise Sureau, Butler University President
Sheila Liming, University of North Dakota Vice President
Kathryn Dolan, Missouri University of Science and Technology Treasurer
Tisha Brooks , Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Executive Committee
Shannon DerbyTufts University Executive Committee
Justin Hastings, Loyola University Chicago Executive Committee
Michelle Medeiros, Marquette University Executive Committee
Gaywyn Moore, Missouri Western State University Executive Committee
Dana Schumacher-Schmidt, Sienna Heights University Executive Committee