Loyola University Chicago

Midwest Modern Language Association


The Midwest Modern Language Association is governed by an Executive Committee and administered by faculty, staff, and students at Loyola University Chicago.
The Executive Committee oversees the activities of the Association, including its peer-reviewed journal and annual convention. The Executive Committee determines all policies, approves the association's annual budget, and maintains the disciplinary standards of all Association activities. For a more detailed description of the purpose, organizational structure, election procedures, term limits, and duties of the association's officers, please see the 2018 Revised Bylaws.
The administrative leadership consists of an Executive Director, Program Manager, Program and Editorial Fellow, as well as an Undergraduate Intern. The current administrative staff at Loyola University Chicago include:
Jack Kerkering
Executive Director
Annette LePique
Program Manager
Emily L. Sharrett
Program and Editorial Fellow
Krislyn Zhorne 
Program and Editorial Fellow
Gabi Heptinstall
Undergraduate Intern