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Midwest Modern Language Association


The Midwest Modern Language Association is governed by an Executive Committee and administered by faculty, staff, and students at Loyola University Chicago.
The Executive Committee governs the association, determining all policies and approving the association's annual budget. In addition, Executive Committee members serve on two subcommittees:  the Program Committee oversees the annual convention program, and the Editorial Committee oversees the publication of JMMLA. Members of the Executive Committee serve three-year terms; elections occur immediately after each annual convention.  For a more detailed description of the governing structure, including elections, term limits, and responsibilities of Executive Committee members, please see the MMLA's 2018 Revised Bylaws
The current Executive Committee includes the following individuals:

Nathan A. Jung, University of Wisconsin-Madison

President; Program Committee
Joe Keener, Champlain College Vice President; Program Committee

Gaywyn Moore, Santa Clara University

Treasurer; Editorial Committee
Olga Bezhanova, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville Editorial Committee
Darío Sánchez-González, Gustavus Adolphus College Program Committee
Esther Teixeira, Texas Christian University  
Krislyn Zhorne, Loyola University Chicago Undergraduate Research Symposium
The administrative functions of the MMLA are carried out by an Executive Director, a Graduate Assistant, a Program Manager, and an Undergraduate Intern. The MMLA's headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois, on the campus of Loyola University Chicago, which is the MMLA's institutional host. The MMLA's current administrative staff are the following Loyola faculty, staff, and students:
Jack Kerkering
Executive Director
Annette LePique
Program Manager
Krislyn Zhorne 
Program and Editorial Fellow
Noah Reese-Clauson
Undergraduate Intern S24