Loyola University Chicago

Midwest Modern Language Association

Past Conventions

MMLA makes available as a PDF the program book from several previous conventions. If you seek the program book for a convention that took place prior to 2015, please contact us at mmla@luc.edu.

2021 Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Final 2021 Program Book

2019 Chicago, Illinois: Final 2019 Program Book

2018 Kansas City, Missouri: 2018 Final Program Book

2017 Cincinnati, Ohio: 2017 Final Program Book

2016 St. Louis, Missouri: 2016 Program Book, revised after the conference

2015 Columbus, Ohio: 2015 Convention PDF

2014 Dearborn, Michigan

2013 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2012 Cincinnati, Ohio

2011 St. Louis, Missouri

2010 Chicago, Illinois

2009 St. Louis, Missouri

2008 Minneapolis, Minnesota

2007 Cleveland, Ohio

2006 Chicago, Illinois

2005 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2004 St. Louis, Missouri

2003 Chicago, Illinois

2002 Minneapolis, Minnesota