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Members of the MMLA are invited and encouraged to submit articles to the Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association in English, Spanish, French, and German.  Please note that the JMMLA no longer accepts submissions on open topics: each Spring issue will be a single-topic special issue; each Fall issue will be devoted to papers building on the conference theme from the previous year. The current call for papers is listed below.

Please read the submission guidelines for additional information.

 MMLA Journal Current CFPs:

Fall 2019 - Consuming Cultures

We are in an era of tensions around areas of culture; at the same time, we live with the continuous excitement and threat of consumption. In a time of disasters brought about by climate change, political extremism, astonishing breakthroughs in knowledge in the sciences, the issue of consumption of culture—in its multivalent uses—is omnipresent. In this special issue of the JMMLA, we wish to focus very closely on the two themes of consumption and culture. We are interested in issues of cultural engagement and/versus cultural appropriation. We seek to analyze what is meant by culture, by consumption? How does one consume multiple cultures? What is it to have a culture of consumption? How do issues of class play out in who consumes and what is consumed? How can we consume sustainably? What is the future of consumption?


Topics could include, but are by no means limited to:


  • Studies in food, agriculture, animals, and plants 
  • intersections between postcolonialism, imperialism, and capitalism
  • the co-opting of culture as a consumable good
  • patterns of consumption, local and global
  • the emergence and history of consumer capitalism
  • addiction and consumerism
  • the politics of consumption
  • posthumanism
  • ecocritical readings of consumption
  • transcultural identities
  • activism
  • varying methods of consumption: digital, etc
  • disability studies
  • feminism and womanism
  • generational modes of consumption (ie: millennials, artisans, etc)

We welcome papers that explore these ideas beyond our contemporary moment, using the long lens of literary history to consider these ideas.


Submissions are now due July 15, 2019 to mmla@luc.edu.


Fall 2020 - Doubles, Duality, Doppelgängers

From the invention of writing to the society of simulation, doubles have been present in literatures and cultures throughout the ages. Whether in the form of alter egos, twins, doppelgängers, reflections, or look-alikes, doubles fascinate – in everyday life and culture as well as in literature.  As Pirandello confirmed in One, No One and One Hundred Thousand, there are as many versions of one single person as there are others’ eyes looking on, perceiving, reflecting and judging. Individual and social worlds are comprised of a myriad of doubles. This special issue seeks to engage how these themes are expressed throughout literature and across cultures.

Topics could include, but are by no means limited to
  • Doubles, doppelgängers, twins, mirror images, reflections in world literature(s);
  • Identity, transcultural identity, transgender identity, psychology studies, cultural studies, literary criticism, gender studies;
  • Duality in pedagogy, doubles in the classroom (the professor’s persona, teaching Gothic and other generic doubles and duplicities, the student-teacher relationship/dichotomy, teaching with various methods, digital teaching, hybrid and on-line teaching vs face-to-face);
  • Double-meanings (linguistics, semantics, multiple interpretations);
  • Duality of texts and parataxis
  • Double entendre: humor, jokes, dark humor, all aspects of laughter (laughter as a social construct, laughter as a cultural construct);
  • Literal/metaphorical; Transnational/ global/local
  • Translations and translators (translating double meaning, cross-cultural interpretation, choosing the right word, translating the word vs translating the idea);
  • Reproductions, mass productions, copies, reproducing the written word (printing press, mimeograph, electric pen, consumerism, capitalism).

Submissions due June 1, 2020 to mmla@luc.edu

JMMLA Editorial Staff:


Eloise Sureau, Butler University

Kathryn Dolan, Missouri University of Science and Technology


Guest Editor, Spring 2019:  Michelle Medeiros, Marquette University

Guest Editor, Spring 2018:  Dale Tracy, Royal Military College of Canada

Guest Editor, Spring 2017:  Emily Lutenski, Saint Louis University

Guest Editors, Spring 2016:  Kathryn Dolan, Missouri University of Science and Technology and Andrea Knutson, Oakland University

Guest Editor, Spring 2015:  Jason Arthur, Rockhurst University


Editorial Assistant:  Mary Harmon, Loyola University Chicago

Editorial Board:

Eloise Sureau, Butler University

Christopher Kendrick, Loyola University Chicago

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