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Members of the MMLA are invited and encouraged to submit articles to the Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association in English, Spanish, French, and German.  Please note that the JMMLA no longer accepts submissions on open topics: each Spring issue will be a single-topic special issue; each Fall issue will be devoted to papers building on the conference theme from the previous year. The current call for papers is listed below.

Please read the submission guidelines for additional information.

 MMLA Journal Current CFPs:

Spring 2019 - Transatlantic Dialogues

This special issue of the Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association aims to interrogate how transatlantic encounters, itineraries, and movements have shaped literary and cultural expressions, influencing the formation of both individual and collective knowledge.  In particular, it aspires to foster a dialogue to address political, ethical, sexual, and aesthetic questions related to transatlantic interactions among people, practices, and ideas, expanding from traditional Eurocentric perspectives and canonized narratives to encompass a global perspective.  This dialogue becomes even more relevant in the present days, considering the political and cultural implications of such motilities.  Transatlantic travels have played a significant and even determining role in mobilizing subjects and groups and in generating intercultural collaboration and specialized knowledge.  While exposing tensions involving race, class, gender, and religion, the transatlantic experience also provides an opportunity to challenge traditional notions of belonging such as nation and nationality, fixed categories of identity, and accepted gender norms.  Of particular interest are the themes of authority, movement, and identity emerging from the transatlantic world from any time period, as well as topics related to the social and cultural resonance of mobilized subjects and groups.  Especially welcome are essays that offer new perspectives and sources that cross traditional disciplinary borders and theoretical divides.

Submissions are due January 20, 2019 to guest editor Michelle Medeiros at mmla@luc.edu, should follw MLA guidelines, should be between 7,000-10,000 words (including notes), and may be interested in any of (but are not limited to) the following topics: 

  • Circulation and exchange of ideas, objects, people, texts
  • Identity and subjectivity
  • Mobility
  • Cultural geographies
  • Space and time
  • Literary transatlantic perspectives
  • Middle Passage/Triangular Slave Trade
  • Peace and displacement
  • Ecology and ecosystems
  • Cross national boundaries
  • Cultural formations
  • Converging discourses
  • Travel writing
  • Intercultural artistic manifestations
  • Transatlantic exiles
  • Transatlantic diasporas
  • Feminisms and transfeminisms
  • Transatlantic masculinities
  • Cultural studies
  • Environmental and cultural sustainability of the transatlantic
  • Indigenous cultures in the tarnsatlantic world
  • Postcolonial approaches to the transatlantic
  • Race, gender, and subalternity
  • Theoretical and critical production
  • Transatlantic studies:  the Carribbean/Europe/Africa
  • Comparative studies of transatlantic and transoceanic experiences


JMMLA Editorial Staff:


Eloise Sureau, Butler University

Kathryn Dolan, Missouri University of Science and Technology


Guest Editor, Spring 2019:  Michelle Medeiros, Marquette University

Guest Editor, Spring 2018:  Dale Tracy, Royal Military College of Canada

Guest Editor, Spring 2017:  Emily Lutenski, Saint Louis University

Guest Editors, Spring 2016:  Kathryn Dolan, Missouri University of Science and Technology and Andrea Knutson, Oakland University

Guest Editor, Spring 2015:  Jason Arthur, Rockhurst University


Editorial Assistant:  Mary Harmon, Loyola University Chicago

Editorial Board:

Eloise Sureau, Butler University

Christopher Kendrick, Loyola University Chicago

Kathryn Dolan, Missouri University of Science and Technology