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Off-Campus Interactive Guide

A Comprehensive Resource for Students Seeking to Live Off-Campus

Need Some Guidance for how to live Off-Campus? We Got You Covered.

Off-Campus Student Life is here to support students as they transition to off-campus life. Whether you're a new transfer students or simply changing your living situation, we want to help. Off-Campus Student Life offers two comprehensive interactive guides designed to educate students about the process of choosing a roommate, finding an apartment, signing a lease, and addressing apartment issues.  

We offer two different Off-Campus Interactive Guides for your review:

"Out of Country - Interactive Guide"
Ideal for international undergraduate or graduate students 

"Out of State or Elsewhere - Interactive Guide" 
Ideal for any undergraduate or graduate students moving to the area from out of the neighborhood, city, or state.

You can gain access to the online Off-Campus Interactive Guides in one of two ways: 

1)    Login to Sakai with your University Network ID (UVID).

2)    When you login, you should be at the Home section, if not, click the Home link at the top-left corner.

3)    From the left-hand navigation bar, click the Membership link.

4)    Near the top, click the Joinable Sites tab.

5)    Using the searchbox, search OCSL Interactive Guide. Once you locate this site, click it and select Join. This will now be among the list of your sites visible under the My Current Sites tab and from the Sites icon at the top-right.

6)    Follow the instructions within the Sakai site to review the associated videos and complete each assessment for the equipment you wish to be authorized to use.

1)    Message us at GoodNeighbor@LUC.edu

2)    An OCSL staff member will manually add you as a user.

3)    You will receive an e-mail notification:

4)    Follow Sakai link provided in e-mail.

5)    Select: Reset Guest Password.

6)    Enter your e-mail address and you will receive an additional notification inviting you to create a guest account.

7)    Once you have created and activated a guest account, you will be directed to Sakai.

8)    In your home portal, select: Membership. From there, you will have access to the interactive guide.