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Residence Life

Off-Campus Housing

Students Walking To Class
Juniors and Seniors are eligible to live in off-campus housing. Loyola encourages students to thoroughly research their options and be good neighbors within the Rogers Park Community and beyond. 

There are several resources for students as they begin their off-campus apartment search. Start with Places4Students, an apartment listing site just for the Loyola Community. Students can log in with their Loyola e-mail credentials. In addition to finding available apartments, students can post or look for sub-letting opportunities and find roommates.


As Juniors and Seniors, Off-Campus students are expected to uphold the Community Standards and be positive members of their communites. Make sure you understand your responsibilities by reviewing the Rights to Peace and Property sections of the Community Standards. Students may contact the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution for additional information.


All Loyola Students are subject to the Residency Requirement. If you are a first-year or second-year student, you may not live in off-campus housing. All first- and second-year students must live in Loyola Residence Halls or at the primary residence of their parent or guardian. Make sure you are eligible for off-campus housing before you begin your apartment search!

Landlords and Property managers looking to rent to Loyola Undergraduate and Graduate Students can post on Places4Students at reasonable rates. Loyola has partnered with Places4Students to centrally post all apartment listings available to students. Students are encouraged to search Places4Students first when beginning their apartment search. Please follow the links for Landlords and Advertisers to post your listing.

If you have questions or need assistance, we are here for you! Please email us at res-life@luc.edu.