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Next Community Circle:

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 What does a Circle look like?

  • Participants gather and sit in a circle or utilize “gallery view” virtually
  • A talking piece is used to make sure everyone has uninterrupted time to speak. When participating virtually, you will be asked to bring your own talking piece.
  • The facilitator then poses a question and each participant has the opportunity to respond to the question as the talking piece is passed or the “raise hand” feature is used virtually. This is repeated until all relevant topics have been explored.

 Some norms of a Circle may include:

  • Be Present: We all face distractions in our daily lives. Circles present a time to focus intently on the dialogue that unfolds and truly listen to one another.
  • Empowered to Speak, Priveleged to Listen: The passed talking piece empowers the holder to share their perspective. It also invites other participants to exercise their privilege of listening.
  • Oops and Ouch: Participants are asked to trust that statements made in circle are made with the best of intentions. That said, occasionally the impact of our statements does not match our intent. If this happens, it is crucial to acknowledge this impact.
  • Speak Your Truth: Participants are asked to speak from their own lived experiences and use “I” statements whenever possible.
  • Respect Multiple Truths: Circle participants are encouraged to seek understanding rather than reach agreement. This involves respecting each individual’s truth even when it may conflict with our own.
  • Said Here, Stays Here; Learned Here, Leaves Here: Privacy during a circle is key to creating a space where participants can share freely and honestly. Exceptions to this rule will be stated explicitly during a particular circle.

Report and request for assistance 

Circles have been used both preventatively and reactively. Some student groups open and close the year by participating in a circle to build rapport and create connection as a cohesive group. Other groups have participated in circles after a conflict or difficult experience to provide a safe space for participants to share their thoughts and feelings and provide closure to the experience.

Circles are a challenge by choice activity. During the experience each participant has the opportunity to “pass” rather than respond to a question.

All of our conflict resolution services are completely optional. Each party always has the option not to participate.

Privacy is a crucial component of the OSCCR. All information shared through mediation or other conflict resolution services will be kept private, with two exceptions: 1) If there is mention of a serious violation of the Community Standards or law, a staff member would be required to act upon this information as appropriate and to ensure the safety of the community. 2) If a staff member becomes aware that someone may be in danger of serious, imminent harm, they would be required to address the situation as appropriate to ensure the safety of the community.

Each upcoming Circle will have a registration link listed above in the “Next Community Circle” section. If you would like to request a Circle for your group or regarding a specific topic area, fill out this Request for Assistance form and an OSCCR staff member will follow up with you.

Previous Community Circles:


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Co-Sponsored by Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs

Black Rambler Community Circle - Return to Fall 2020
3:30-5pm | Wednesday, August 19, 2020
Co-Sponsored by Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs

Aspiring Ally Community Circle
3:30-5pm | Monday, June 29, 2020
Co-Sponsored by Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs, Student Activities & Greek Affairs, and the Wellness Center

Black Rambler Community Circle
3:30-5pm | Wednesday, June 3, 2020
Co-Sponsored by Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs

Processing COVID-19
2:30-3:30pm | Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Community Circle for Graduating Students
10-11am | Friday, April 24, 2020
Co-Sponsored by the Wellness Center