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PAWS Chicago

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Chicago Scholars

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Individuals with developmental disabilities

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Orchard Villiage

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Erika - erika_vavrik@orchardvillage.org


Howard Brown Health

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April - aprilg@howardbrown.org

Above, you can find a list of potential contacts for scheduling your assigned Restorative Service Hours. It is imperative that you remain professional and courteous at all times when corresponding or communicating with staff. You are not limited to this list, and can identify your own service sites if you prefer.

Please remember that it is your responsibility to schedule/complete your hours, complete your follow-up reflection requirement, and to submit a Service Hour Supervision Form documenting all hours completed at any given service site.

Please note! DO NOT count service hours in which:

  • A parent or family member supervised you at the community service site

  • You were compensated for your work (financially or for some kind of credit), or were required to provide the service for some other reason

Some examples of typical sites:

  • Religious organizations

  • Local Town Libraries or Park/Recreation Departments

  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Animal Shelters

  • High School Tutoring or Youth Sports Programs

  • Special Fundraising Events i.e.: fundraiser walks or other charity functions