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Undergraduate Course Offerings

This list is a "library" of descriptions for philosophy courses, which are posted here regardless of when those courses are offered.

Longer descriptions are often available directly from instructors who regularly teach a course, but in most cases those descriptions are not syllabi: they only indicate in general terms what the teachers typically do when they teach the course.

For specific course information, please contact that course's instructor directly. For contact information, click on the instructor's name found at the top of the course description.

To view a short course description, click on a course-level below, then click the number of the specific course that interests you.

Tier One Courses

Tier Two Courses

300-level Courses (Upper-division Courses for Philosophy Majors and Minors)

400-level Courses (Graduate Courses)


Note: Most 300-level courses have a prerequisite of two core philosophy courses. Seminars [PHIL 395–399] require a total of five philosophy courses, some of which can be taken concurrently with the seminar.


Note: Graduate courses are open to graduate students and in special cases to philosophy majors in their senior year who have secured the permission of the instructor before they register.