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Apply to the Minorities and Philosophy Mentorship Program

Apply to the Minorities and Philosophy Mentorship Program
The MAP mentorship program pairs undergraduates from underrepresented groups with a philosophy graduate student mentor. We understand “underrepresented groups” to include women, people of color, LGBT folks, folks of different abilities, international students, etc. This is a year-long program. You can be of any major or minor (not only philosophy)! 
The mentorship program exists to help foster interest in philosophy: undergrads will be paired with a grad student mentor who can guide you on all things philosophy! For example, with your mentor you could have a mini-reading group on a topic you’re interested in, get assistance with philosophy papers and projects, do research, present at a conference, or apply to graduate school. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in MAP events: we’re planning a group trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art next semester, plus film screenings, lunch meetups, talks, and more. Our first event will be a lunch discussion/reading group ahead of the Myisha Cherry talk in November!
You can be involved as much or as little as you’d like—even if that just means having coffee and talking about philosophy with your mentor every once in awhile. 
For more information, contact Rebecca Valeriano-Flores (mvalerianoflores@luc.edu).