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Department of Philosophy

History of Philosophy Roundtable (HOPR)


The Loyola History of Philosophy Roundtable (HOPR) meets regularly during the academic year to discuss work in progress by graduate students and faculty on topics in the history of philosophy. Most of the papers are by Loyola Chicago department members, but we also welcome occasional visitors.

Meetings will generally be held in the Crown Center for the Humanities, but locations vary; see below. Papers to be discussed are circulated electronically approximately one week before the scheduled meeting.

To receive announcements about the Loyola HOPR schedule and receive the Loyola HOPR papers electronically, or if you will be visiting Chicago and would like to participate, please contact Kristen Irwin.

Upcoming Meetings

Fridays at 2:40-3:55PM 
Crown 200 East 

  • September 7: Jean Clifford (Loyola Chicago), "The Epistemological Significance of Aristotle's Track Analogy in Nichomachean Ethics I.4" 
  • November 9: Blake Dutton (Loyola Chicago), TBA 

Previous Meetings

List of previous meetings here.


The History of Philosophy Roundtable is open to anyone in the department who’s interested in history of philosophy, but the current core members are:

  • Dr. Andrew Cutrofello, Professor
  • Dr. Blake Dutton, Professor
  • Dr. Peter Hartman, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Kristen Irwin, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Jason Rheins, Assistant Professor