Loyola University Chicago

Department of Philosophy

Phenomenology Research Group (PRG)


The Phenomenology Research Group (PRG) is dedicated to advancing research in phenomenology. It is run by Loyola University Chicago faculty and is open to all interested members of the academic community and the general public. Please feel free to contact the directors by email if you are interested in participating. 

PRG Directors:

Dimitris Apostolopoulos

Johanna Oksala


Upcoming Events 

  • October 20, 2023, Dumbach Hall 124

Speaker: Dimitris Vardoulakis (Western Sydney University) Title: “Why Ancient Monism Matters Today: Heidegger and Plato’s Sophist” 


  • January 25, 2024, Location TBA

Speaker: David Peña-Guzmán (San Francisco State University) Title: TBA


Past Events

  • Oct 26 2022, 4-6pm, Crown Center, Room 530 

Dan Zahavi (University of Copenhagen): “Communication, social acts and second-personal engagement: A Husserlian account” 


  • Nov 4-5 2022, Lakeshore Campus and Online

International conference: Phenomenology and Critique 

 Please see here for more information about the conference: https://philevents.org/event/show/98518


  • Nov 6 2022

Loyola-Marquette Graduate Workshop in Phenomenology


  • April 3, 2023, 10AM-12PM, Dumbach Hall 124

Speaker: Harald Wiltsche (Linköping University), Title: "The Coordination Problem: A Challenge for Transcendental Phenomenology of Science"


  •  April 17, 2023, 3-5PM, Dumbach Hall 238 

PRG Graduate Workshop

Speaker: Julia Zaenker (University of Copenhagen), Title TBA

Commentator: Andrew Krema (LUC)