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Polish Student Alliance

PSA Executive Board (left to right), Julia Stys, Yvette Dybas, Weronika Hanusiak, Natalie Kacik, Michelle Hajduk, and Simon Jakubczak. 


Loyola’s Polish Student Alliance is a community of students who share a passion for their Polish heritage. Through volunteering events and fundraisers, the Loyola PSA has helped their community, as well as made lasting bonds between peers. Every year, PSA holds many events, with their most beloved being Andrzekji, an annual formal event that is hosted in a special setting, such as rooftops and yachts. Interested students should please contact loyolachicagopsa@gmail.com, or find us on Facebook.

Contact Julia Stys for other PSA internet sites or any questions concerning PSA information at jstys1@luc.edu


PSA Board 2018-2019

Title Name   Email
 President  Julia Stys  jstys1@luc.edu
 Vice President  Michelle Hajduk  mhajduk1@luc.edu
 Secretary  Weronika Hanusiak  whanusiak@luc.edu
 Treasurer  Gabriela Wnuk  gwnuk@luc.edu
 Public Relations  Jennifer Wojcik  jwojcik1@luc.edu
Photographer   Karolina Truszkowska  ktruszkowska@luc.edu
Philanthropy Chair  Sylwia Balata  sbalata@luc.edu
Event Coordinator  Nicole Tyszkowski


Event Coordinator  Kamila Wilczek  cwilczek@luc.edu
PSLA Chair  Emilka Wojciak  ewojciak1@luc.edu


PSLA Representative Emilia Wojciak and President Julia Stys at the annual Dar Serca gifts for children philanthropy event. 

PSA Board 2017-2018

President Yvette Dybas


Vice-President Natalie Kacik nkacik@luc.edu
Secretary Julia Stys jstys1@luc.edu
Public Relations Ania Jakubczak ajakubczak@luc.edu
Events Coordinator Maya Hufman mhufman@luc.edu
Events Coordinator Nicole Tyszkowska ntyszkowski@luc.edu
Photographer Weronika Hanusiak whanusiak@luc.edu
Philanthropy Chair Michelle Hajduk mhajduk1@luc.edu
Tech Chair Simon Jakubczak sjakubczak@luc.edu

PSA Board 2016-2017

President Aneta Borowicz


Vice-President Daniel Rogalski drogalski@luc.edu
Secretary Yvette Dybas ydybas@luc.edu
Treasurer Marcelina Baliczek mbaliczek@luc.edu
Public Relations Julia Stys jstys1@luc.edu
Public Relations Olga Kimszal okimszal@luc.edu
Events Coordinator Artur Moskala amoskala@luc.edu
Events Coordinator Nicole Tyszkowska ntyszkowski@luc.edu
Photographer Ania Jakubczak ajakubczak@luc.edu
Membership Chair Thomas Ujas tujas@luc.edu
Philanthropy Chair Nathalia Kacik nkacik@luc.edu
Development Chair Alex Mackiewicz amackiewicz@luc.edu

PSA Board 2015-2016

President Nicole Jarzabek 


Vice-President Piot Karpierz pkarpierz@luc.edu
Secretary Daniel Rogalski drogalski@luc.edu
Treasurer Thomas Ujas tujas@luc.edu
Public Relations Yvette Dybas ydybas@luc.edu
Events Coordinator Aneta Borowicz aborowicz@lu.edu
Photographer Ania Jakubczak ajakubczak@luc.edu
Honorary Board Member Daniel Strama dstrama@luc.edu


Fall 2015


 To view September's Newsletter: PSA Newsletter Sept. 2014

PSA Board 2014-2015

President Jessica Wieckowski jwieckowski@luc.edu
Vice-President Kasia Skrzypinska cskrzypinski@luc.edu
Secretary Piotr Karpierz pkarpierz@luc.edu
Treasurer Cyryl Jakubik cjakubik@luc.edu
Public Relations Nicole Jarzabek njarzabek@luc.edu
Events Coordinator Piotr Halon phalon@luc.edu
Photographer Marcin Zelek mzelek@luc.edu

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