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Department of Political Science


Professors Condon and Grigorescu publish books

Professor Meghan Condon’s new book, The Economic Other: Inequality in the American Political Imagination,has been published by the University of Chicago Press. Economic inequality is at a record high in the United States, but public demand for redistribution is not rising with it. Condon shows that Americans do care deeply about economic divides, but segregation, growing anxiety, racism, and misleading media combine to suppress demands for government to act. Dr. Jennifer Hochschild (Harvard University) calls the book "intellectually fascinating, politically infuriating, and morally disturbing," and Dr. Andrea Campbell (MIT) reviews it "fresh, brilliant...a stand-out among the many books now examining inequality."

Professor Alexandru Grigorescu’s new book, The Ebb and Flow of Global Governance: Intergovernmentalism versus Nongovernmentalism in World Politics has been published by Cambridge University Press. The book argues that international organizations are best understood as falling on an intergovernmental-nongovernmental continuum that is determined by how much government involvement factors into their decision-making, financing, and deliberations. Using this fine-grained conceptualization, Grigorescu uncovers numerous changes in the intergovernmental versus nongovernmental nature of global governance over the past century and a half.