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Commonly Required Courses

These are typical requirements and recommendations for applying to medical schools.  If you are interested in applying to programs in one of the other health profession areas (dental, pharmacy, PA, PT, OT, optometry, podiatry, etc.) please review the recommended courses for that specific area. 

The health professional schools themselves provide the most accurate and up-to-date source of information.  Students should begin researching specific requirements of health professional schools they are interested in early in their academic careers and continue this research through their academic careers as health professional schools typically update their required and recommended courses on an annual basis. 

Students should also review Loyola department websites and LOCUS to determine relevant pre-requisites for courses listed below and what terms these courses are typically offered. 

The professional association websites listed to the right are additional resources that will likely be of value.

AreaSubjectLoyola Equivalent
Biology General Biology I BIOL 101 & 111
  General Biology II

BIOL 102 & 112


BIOL 366 or CHEM 361

  Cell Biology

BIOL 251

  Genetics BIOL 282
Chemistry Chemical Structure & Properties w/lab CHEM 160 & 161
*Updated chemisty sequence Fall 2023  Chemical Reactivity I w/lab         CHEM 180 & 181
  Chemical Reactivity II w/lab CHEM 240 & 241
  Quantitative Methods in Chemistry w/lab CHEM 260 & 261
  Biochemistry CHEM 361 or CHEM 370 or BIOL 366
Physics Physics I

PHYS 111 & 111L or PHYS 125 & 125L

  Physics II

PHYS 112 & 112L or PHYS 126 & 126L

Math College Algebra MATH 117
  Pre-Calculus MATH 118
  Statistics STAT 103 or or STAT 203 or PSYC 304 or STAT 335
  Calculus *MATH 131 (or 161) is a pre-requisite for CHEM 260/261
English Composition Freshman Composition UCWR 110
  Upper Level Composition Course One Writing Intensive Course
Psychology Psychology PSYC 101
Social Science Sociology SOCL 101

Occasionally required courses include (but are not limited to):
Molecular Genetics, Molecular Biology, Calculus, Additional Behavioral Sciences