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Planning for an application to medical school is both essential and critical - it is a decision that will take years of preparation. Future applicants will need to take both academic and experiential timelines into consideration well in advance to properly prepare for an application cycle. Below, you will find resources specific to pre-medical timelines to assist in your plans to become a physician.


Suggested Academic Timelines:


First Year


Inorganic (Intro) Chemistry I with Lab

CHEM 101/111

Inorganic (Intro) Chemistry II with Lab

CHEM 102/112

Intro Biology I with Lab

BIOL 101/111

Intro Biology II with lab

BIOL 102/112


Second Year


Organic Chemistry I with Lab

CHEM 223/225

Organic Chemistry II with Lab

CHEM 224/226

Cell Biology or Genetics

BIOL 251/BIOL 282

Cell Biology or Genetics

BIOL 251/BIOL 282


Third Year



CHEM 361

Physics II with Lab*

PHYS 112/112L

Physics I with Lab

PHYS 111/111L



Fourth Year


Physics II*

PHYS 112/112L

Science Electives*
Science Electives*  

**Science Electives can include (but are not limited to):
Statistics, Psychology, Sociology, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics, Molecular Biology, Calculus, etc.

***Student progress in these courses is also dependent on their math placement scores. Please contact a pre-health advisor if you have questions about scheduling math in your academic plans.

These suggested outlines will have students prepared course-wise to apply to medical school at the end of their third year. Students should feel empowered to decelerate or deviate from these outlined timelines as needed, though this may affect the application year they engage in. It is strongly recommended to meet with a pre-health advisor if you have any questions or concerns about your required coursework.


AAMC's Comprehensive Suggestive Timeline for Application to Medical School

This resource outlines the all-encompassing preparation that is necessary for a medical school application. Included are suggested timing for experiential learning, resource engagement, and more.