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When an applicant is ready to create a list of schools to apply to, it is imperative to compare their numbers with their desired schools' averages. Both the cumulative GPA and the science GPA (BCPM or BCP) are taken into consideration along with the MCAT score. Not only do the expectations vary school to school, but applicants will need to take notice of the differences between the MD and DO data when deciding where to send their applications.

Applicants do NOT have to decide between applying MD versus DO, but depending on their current data it may be more realistic to apply to more of one type of school than another. The majority of our applicants apply to both MD and DO schools in a cycle.

To explore the differences between MD and DO programs, please view these links. The Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR) page provides data for all MD programs while the DO Explorer provides some context for DO programs. Average statistics for schools are grouped by type of medical school in this section of the website as well.

Data by School Type: