The Role, Goals, and Procedures in Maintaining a Sound Financial Services Sector

A healthy and efficiently functioning economy needs a supportive financial services sector. Similarly, a poorly functioning financial services sector can hinder growth, causing banks to decrease lending and slow the provision of intermediation services. To avoid this, regulators monitor and oversee risktaking activities in order to preclude safety and soundness problems and avoid bank failures. The Federal Reserve of Chicago is one of these agencies.

At this event, senior officials from the Chicago Fed discussed their supervisory and regulatory roles and how goals are operationally achieved.

Topics included:

  • What is the role of supervision and regulation at the Federal Reserve Bank? Is safety and soundness a priority? The only objective? How does the process work?
  • What is analyzed? How is risk measured?
  • What is the role of capital and how is it measured?
  • How different is the process for small, mid-size and large money center banks? What is involved with a bank examination? How frequently do they occur?
  • What unique procedures and requirements exist for large banks? Stress tests? Living wills? Debt requirements?
  • What other major activities are analyzed? Other than safety and soundness, what is evaluated? Fair lending? CRA? How?
  • When bank failure does occur, what resolution alternatives exist?
  • Finally, what potential career opportunities exist in the supervisory and regulatory process?

Event photos

Check out photos from the event below or at this link.

Bank Supervision and Regulation

Event Info

Date: Monday, September 11, 2023
Time: 1:45-4:00 p.m.
Location: Schreiber Center, 16 E. Pearson Street, Room 1001