Which data analytics program is right for me?

The Quinlan School of Business offers two master’s degrees with a focus on the growing field of data analytics. The guide below can help you chose the one that is right for your career and education goals. Both will provide you with the same nationally recognized Quinlan education: hands-on, immediately applicable, and values-based.

MS in Business Data Analytics (MSBDA) →

Designed For Early-career professionals looking to position themselves as data-driven business leaders
Outcome Prepares you to make informed business decisions based on a targeted analysis of available data. Careers include data scientist, data analyst, business analyst, consultant, or manager.
Format In-person on Loyola’s Water Tower Campus in the heart of Chicago
Length One year

MS in Information Systems and Analytics (MSISA) →

Designed For Early-career professionals looking to dive deeply into data analytics and information systems
Outcome Prepares you to be a leader in information systems, with comprehensive theoretical, technical, and practical knowledge of data analytics and information systems. Careers include leading information systems teams, as well as serving in positions such as data and technology consultant, business analyst, data analyst, information systems developer, and information systems project manager.
Format Courses are offered in online, hybrid, and in-class formats. You can complete your coursework with a mixture of class formats that works for you. Online courses are asynchronous, which means the weekly coursework can be completed according to your schedule.
Length This is a 12-course program. The time needed to complete the program typically varies between one and two years, depending on the number of courses taken each quarter.

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