Panel Pic

The panel at the event "The Federal Reserve at 100."


Who better to talk about the economy than the people who manage US monetary policy?

On December 6, representatives of the Fed from across the country spoke to the Quinlan community about the banking system's centennial. They focused on past performances as well as how well the Fed is doing in attaining its goals of full employment, high economic growth, and price stability.

In case you missed it, some of the speakers left presentation materials. Keep an eye out for future events sponsored by the Center for Financial and Policy Studies at luc.edu/Quinlan.

First 100 years

William Roberds: Research economist and senior policy adviser with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. 

Fed at 100 Roberds Presentation (PDF)

David Wheelock: Vice President and Deputy Director of the Research Division of the Federal Reserve of St. Louis. 

Fed at 100 Wheelock Presentation (PPTX)

Present monetary policy

Charles Evans: President, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

Fed at 100 Evans Presentation (PDF)