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Student Orgs

Hello Student Organizations! We look forward to supporting the volunteer service provided by your organization.

Is your student organization looking for service opportunities?

Before you begin your search, review a few questions with your members to help you find the right kind of project. Give yourself plenty of time to adequately plan a project.

  • Why do we want to volunteer?
  • How much time are we willing and able to give?
  • Do we want to volunteer one time or more than that?
  • How many people will be volunteering?
  • How far can we travel?
  • What kind of issue do we want to address in our service?

Once you have given some thought to these questions, take a look at volunteer opportunities posted on Rambler Link or some of the agencies listed in the  on-line brochure. If you find a potential fit, contact the agency to discuss the possibility of collaborating. Not finding a fit?  Contact us!