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  • Latest exhibit highlights ads across the globe

    Morris hopes that in looking at these images, students will be inclined to delve deeper into the questions and themes depicted. “[Students can] put together all their skills and passions to look at research.”
  • WLUW concert kicks off anniversary celebration

    “This event was very fun, we’ve worked on this all summer whether it’s from deciding where we’re gonna put it, to the numerous meetings for logistics, to making a brand image,” Hudock said. “It took us a lot of work and a lot of thought, so this is our proud moment.”
  • Loyola’s School of Communication plans 10th anniversary celebration

    Loyola University Chicago’s School of Communication is celebrating its 10th anniversary with an outdoor concert, an Octoberfest, a spring gala, and other events throughout the 2018-19 school year.
  • Student news site offers experience to young reporters

    The RogersEdge Reporter is a local news website covering all things Rogers Park and Edgewater. Their staff includes students from Loyola, Nicholas Senn High School, and Roger C. Sullivan High School. In partnership with After School Matters, the students are part of a six week summer program at Loyola that runs four days a week that teaches them basic journalism skills.
  • Loyola hosts 7th annual High School Digital Storytelling Workshop

    High school students from around the country learned about reporting and writing, infographics, recording audio, and shooting and editing video during the 7th annual High School Digital Storytelling Workshop at Loyola University Chicago.
  • Alum Sean Keenehan says Loyola changed his life

    “My job is to make life easier for my producer,” he said. The show centers around historical infrastructure that transformed America, so Keenehan’s job involves “finding interviewees, narrowing story ideas, fact checking historical research, gathering archival images and photographs and tracking down the right images.”
  • School of Communication trains Danish journalists

    During her two weeks in Denmark this May, Loyola’s own Jill Geisler offered professional insight for the Danish broadcasting outlet DR that included running tight newsrooms, deepening journalistic objectives, and of course, the joy of Garrett’s Popcorn.
  • Havana, Cuba: A Film Student’s Dream

    I can wholeheartedly say the trip was life-changing. Not only did I become a better filmmaker and storyteller, but I really grew as a person by being out of my Loyola bubble and comfort zone and immersing myself in a new culture.
  • Student-run PR agency wins entrepreneurship award

    The EntrepreneurshipU Awards are held through 1871 a tech-incubator housed in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. This community work space is home to many startups, including a space for Inigo, and the student agency has received several clients from inside 1871’s walls.
  • Journalism program starts neighborhood news bureau

    With the collapse of the news site DNA Info, Chicago neighborhoods like Rogers Park and Edgewater were left with a gaping hole where local news once stood. Loyola’s School of Communication is trying to fill some of this role by creating a student-run neighborhood news bureau.
  • Expanded awards and speakers highlight annual AD/PR Reception

    “We’re graduating our first cohort of advertising creative majors. There are few universities that have tackled educating advertising creatives … this is a major accomplishment,” Morris said. “It’s a great time to be here and everybody should have good reason to celebrate. There’s change on the horizon and we’re going to embrace it to better our teaching and learning of our students.”
  • SOC Dean wins national leadership award

    Don Heider, founding Dean of Loyola’s School of Communication (SOC) embodies all these characteristics. He was named the 2017 Scripps Howard Foundation Administrator of the Year through the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC).
  • SOC Rambler Sports Locker, The Phoenix at NCAA Tournament

    The Loyola Phoenix and Rambler Sports Locker (RSL) covered every game during this breakout season, before the team showed up on the radar of local and national media. For the last four years the School of Communication (SoC) has provided travel to the Missouri Valley Conference in St. Louis for a number of students in an effort to enhance their education around what it means to act as professional reporters.
  • SOC alumnae, student, become social media influencers

    Loyola’s School of Communication will host an Influencers Panel 4-6 p.m., Wednesday, March 28, to discuss how people can turn social media skills and branding into a successful career. The panel will feature two Loyola graduates and one student: Abbie Boudreau of ABC’s Good Morning America, Addie Martanovic of Chickpea in the City, and Megan Rogers-Reilley of Bowtiful Life.
  • SOC alum makes headlines as political reporter

    Tina Sfondeles is a newspaper reporter. But she loves her job so much, it doesn’t feel like work. Sfondeles, a Loyola graduate, is a Chicago Sun-Times political reporter. She knew she wanted to be a print news reporter since she was in sixth grade. Sfondeles did not start in the political beat, but she said her personality is perfect for this beat and the skills it requires.
  • Ten Ethics Lessons from the #MeToo Movement in Media -- and Beyond

    The foundation for my work was the Power Shift Summit in January 2018, at the Newseum in Washington, DC. I moderated the gathering of 130 diverse media leaders, educators, legal experts and victims of harassment. Their insights and calls to action became a report; the report became a project. The Newseum Institute asked me to help guide that work – in newsrooms and beyond.
  • NBA communication executive, Loyola alumnus, honored for service

    McIntyre graduated from Loyola in 1972 and took off toward an ever-climbing career in the basketball industry. McIntyre worked in communications for the Chicago Bulls and began working as the vice president of communications for the NBA from 1981-2010 when he was promoted to and retired as the senior communications advisor for the NBA in 2014.
  • SOC professor leaves lasting impression on students

    “I always have a motto. The thing I want to be written on my grave is ‘you were a warm person,’” Dr. Jing Yang said. “I try to give off some of my authority as a teacher, I’m just a few years older than them [the students] and have been learning a few years longer, that’s all that sets us apart.”
  • SOC students win broadcast journalism awards

    This year, three SOC students – Jeffrey Chow, Erin Law and Megan McKinley – were acknowledged for their storytelling, receiving the Broadcast Education Association (BEA) Award of Excellence within the student documentary section.
  • Jobs, Internships and More!

    In this technological age, many applications are online, but nothing competes with making a strong first impression with an employer in-person. The Networking and Career Fair, along with the other events, allows students to make these connections with people directly, so their resumes are moved to the top of the pile, according to Heider.
  • Teaching with passion and compassion

    Lozano was born in Colombia and began teaching at Loyola in 1993 with a brief hiatus from 1996-1999 when she returned to her native country to teach. Lozano said she never fully assimilated into either of the contrasting Colombian or American cultures. Lozano described herself as quirky, passionate and bi-cultural – she has adopted parts of both cultures into her life.
  • Sexual misconduct in the newsroom: Jill Geisler leads discussions with industry experts in DC

    The Newseum in Washington, DC, hosted “The Power Shift Summit,” a gathering of leaders in journalism and media that focused on sexual misconduct in newsrooms. Loyola University Chicago’s Bill Plante Chair of Leadership and Media Integrity, Jill Geisler, led the discussion.
  • Alumna Vanessa Markopoulos pursues passion for brand marketing

    “If you needed help with something, I never worried that I couldn’t ask,” she said. “There was always a sense of community that I really loved.” Now, Markopoulos is helping her clients solve their own problems as a digital marketing manager at The Habitat Company, a residential real estate management and development business in Chicago.
  • Rambler Productions is deemed the SOC’s ‘hidden gem’

    The School of Communication’s Rambler Productions is a student-run organization providing video, photography and live-streaming services to clients.
  • Loyola SoC Award Winners for TV and video work

    Six Loyola School of Communication students received awards for their video productions at a recent ceremony hosted by the Chicago/ Midwest chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.
  • Alumnus Steven Michael Navas brews success by connecting with consumers

    Navas, who received a degree in 2008 in Advertising and Public Relations, was part of the first School of Communication graduating class. Today, he is brewing his way to success as the brand activation manager for New Belgium Brewing Company.
  • Professor Chris Yim, Ph.D, strives to give students a hands-on experience in public relations

    Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Yim began teaching at Loyola this semester; this is her first experience as a full-time professor. Before coming to Loyola, she was the CEO of Porter Novelli in Korea, an international public relations firm. While in the company, Yim said she didn’t have much time to teach, but once she earned her Ph.D., she made the switch to become a full-time professor.
  • New SoC course focuses on defining fake news and identifying trustworthy sources

    “Fake news is a money-making operation, so as long as you click, [they’re] going to make money. It doesn’t’ matter if people know it’s fake. So, [companies] need to start monitoring their sites more, taking down stuff that is harmful to public discourse and is misinforming people. The public should also educate themselves. If you do a little reading, you can tell the fake stuff from the real stuff.”
  • Alumna Ellen Galles said kindness goes a long way in the world of journalism

    Galles graduated from Loyola in ‘98 with a double major in communication and political science. Today, she works in St. Paul, Minnesota as a general assignment reporter at ABC 5 Eyewitness News.
  • SOC Students are nominated for nine Crystal Pillar Awards

    Loyola graduate and undergraduate students accepted nominations in four of the six categories, including News: General Assignment, Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs, Long Form and Public Service (PSAs)/Commercial categories.
  • Seventh annual Digital Ethics Symposium features speakers Dr. Cathy O’Neil and MTV’s “Catfish” Nev Schulman

    More than 20 noted speakers and panelists discussed a variety of topics centered on ethical behavior in online and digital environments at the seventh annual International Symposium on Digital Ethics at Loyola University Chicago.
  • Convergence Studio Undergoes Upgrades

    Convergence Studio Undergoes Upgrades
  • Professor Hannah Rockwell, Ph.D. leads by example

    “Do your best work, take pride in it,” Rockwell said. “It doesn’t have to be perfect, but good enough. If you focus on learning instead of the end point, then the grades come. The best students are the ones that engage in the concepts and come out at the end with some sort of transformative experience.”
  • SOC Career and Internship Website

    "We found that students were having trouble finding internships and we also wanted to help them when it came time to look for a job, [we decided] to build a website that’s more functional, easier to use, that we can easily post on and that students can use to search... and eventually alums could as well.”
  • What's in a Meme?

    The SOC’s fall exhibit, “Internet Memes: Internet Folk” features a collection of memes ranging from art, to animals, to pop culture, curated by artist Ryan M. Milner.
  • From Russia With Love

    Five Loyola School of Communication film students got the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Russia to collaborate on a documentary about Chicago and Moscow with Russian students from Moscow’s Institute of Contemporary Art. The project was funded by the Eurasia Foundation, allowing both Loyola and ICA students to travel to each other’s countries at virtually no cost.
  • Alum reflects on storied radio career

    Biondo-Soltys, who was nominated four times for Major Market Broadcaster of the Year by the Academy of Country Music, and won Billboard's Music Director of the Year, has her own fascinating story to tell.
  • Loyola students winners in national documentary contest

    The competition, called “Stories from the Line,” asked college students and recent graduates to produce short films that combine interviews with vérité-style scenes at home with family, at work, and at school. The goal was to offer a glimpse into the lives of families responding to the challenges of poverty in America.
  • Three great, short films

    Three Loyola communication students are finalists in a national film competition.
  • Loyola launches new digital ethics certificate program.

    Loyola’s Center for Digital Ethics & Policy will offer the first-ever certificate program in digital ethics this fall.
  • 7th Annual International Symposium on Digital Ethics

    Please join us for the 7th Annual International Symposium on Digital Ethics October 13th at Loyola University, Chicago.
  • Gentrified: Losing Logan Square

    The ink on his degree is barely dry, but Timothy McManus already is gaining notoriety for a short documentary he shot while studying at Loyola University Chicago’s School of Communication.
  • Students Recognized for Nonprofit Project at AD/PR Reception

    Driven by a shared passion for animals, four public relations students at Loyola developed a campaign to promote a pet fostering program – and for it, they were awarded the 12th annual Ebeling PR-ize scholarship Wednesday night.
  • Students Launch Inigo Communications Firm

    Students have taken the reins at Inigo, a new student-run communications firm operated within Loyola’s School of Communication.
  • Students earn top spots at AD boot camp sponsored by Leo Burnett

    Eleven Loyola School of Communication students created full-scale advertising campaigns in just four days during the recent The One Club Creative Boot Camp. One student on each of the top three teams was from Loyola, according to advertising professor Robert Akers.
  • Chef Amy Le serves flavors inspired by adversity and family history

    “I really wanted to be a reporter. I wanted to make sure I knew I could do it and feel like I fulfilled that dream,” Le said. “The last year I was there, I got nominated for a Lisagor Award [for Excellence in Reporting]. So, I said, ‘OK I can walk away.’”
  • Poster Art Featured at New Exhibit

    The dozens of band posters on display at Loyola’s School of Communication are the work of local designer and screen printer Josh Davis, an artist embedded in Chicago’s music and art scenes.
  • Virtual reality class takes learning to new dimensions

    In Loyola’s first-ever Virtual Reality class, 19 students learn to tell stories using 360-degree cameras and editing software – and their professor Jamason Chen encourages them to fail.
  • Loyola students offers a slew of coverage for Arch Madness

    The Rambler Sports Locker and the Loyola Phoenix ushered in March with another trip to St. Louis to cover the 2017 Arch Madness Missouri Valley Conference Tournament. This year marked the fourth time the student media organizations have covered the four-day conference.
  • Visiting scholar conducts positive communication research

    “The question we can ask to all kinds of communication is the following: ‘To what extent are you helping the people to be more happy in terms of virtue?’
  • SOC students named winners of 2017 festival of media arts

    Seven students and one faculty member from Loyola’s School of Communication recently won awards from the 2017 Broadcast Education Association (BEA) Festival of Media Arts.
  • Short-term study abroad trips have long-lasting memories, lessons

    The School of Communication’s short-term study abroad programs are more than a way to quickly earn credits in Chile, London or China while holding an internship back home.
  • First public chicago showing of ‘Service to Man’ shunts expectations

    “Service to Man,” a film co-directed by Loyola professor Aaron Greer, has screened at about a dozen film festivals but the audience at Loyola Thursday evening was a special one for the filmmaker.
  • SOC Alumna Zandra Zuno Baermann Lives Out Passion in Multicultural PR Career

    “It’s good to be young and have an idea of what you want to do and not let it go,” she said, “and then just say, ‘You know, I’m going to do it.’”
  • Freebies and ‘family’ plentiful at the first SOC Freshfest

    Academic Adviser Kat Fraser said Freshfest was created specifically for first-year students and intended to be a more laid-back event than the organization fair
  • Students and employers get down to business at SOC Career Fair

    Students mingle with employers who set up shop at circular high tables, exchanging their resumes and elevator pitches for information about open positions and the opportunity to rub elbows with industry insiders.
  • Students use data to visualize gun violence

    We are living in a culture where there is strong opposition to sensible gun laws, yet nearly every day in Chicago, another young person’s life has been forever altered or taken by gun violence.
  • The Pros Deliver Sound Advice to Aspiring Students during SOC Career Week

    There’s finally a catch-all answer to the dreaded question, “What are you going to do with your major?”
  • Featured Alumni: Bill Zehme

    Zehme is famous for being granted exclusive interviews with celebrities that other writers find out of reach. He is best known for authoring “Intimate Strangers: Comic Profiles and Indiscretions of the Very Famous” as well as the biographies of legends Frank Sinatra, Andy Kaufman and Jay Leno.
  • Students win pair of Crystal Pillar Awards

    Loyola’s School of Communication took home two Crystal Pillar Awards for student-produced work at the Chicago/Midwest Regional Emmys held in December at the Marriott Hotel on Michigan Avenue.
  • Loyola professor and alumni create award-winning micro-budget film

    “Movies have always compressed the idea of diversity and in their diversity they have been prejudicial. It is a necessity to confront those kind of things,” Harder said.
  • Multimedia Journalism Program Director Beth Konrad to conclude her Loyola legacy at the close of the semester

    "Konrad had a prolific, varied career that poised her to teach from experience. The award winning reporter, news director, entrepreneur, corporate executive and social advocate brought an insider’s perspective to students, enabling them to better understand the tenacity required to be successful in the media industry."
  • Improve your professional portfolio with Magazine Design and Production

    There is still room to enroll in this exciting, design-based course taught by Prof. Jessica Brown, which gives students hands-on experience and valuable artifacts to make themselves more attractive to future employers.
  • International Symposium Continues Discussion about Ethically Ambiguous Digital World

    Scholars from across the globe traveled to Loyola University Chicago for the sixth annual International Symposium on Digital Ethics to discuss moral behavior as technology rapidly changes.
  • Harry Potter and the Return of the Loyola Debate Team

    “The stigma behind debate is usually that it’s boring and we debate just foreign polices and things like that. But this Harry Potter debate shows how fun debating can be,” said freshman debate team member Jorge Cotaquispe.
  • Loyola to host Digital Ethics Symposium

    This year’s symposium theme is “Ethics from the Margins,” focusing on topics related to women, people of color, and others who may feel disenfranchised by and through technology.
  • Loyola hosts UNITY media summit to confront changes in journalism, need for diversity

    Loyola University Chicago hosted UNITY: Journalists for Diversity, a regional media summit, to encourage a dialogue about unfair news coverage and under representation.
  • Loyola alumna stands on two feet despite journalism being on shaky ground

    Greiwe, a 2015 Loyola graduate, is the Voice of the People Editor at The Chicago Tribune. Far from faint of heart, she began working full-time at the Tribune her senior year of college—on top of a rigorous course load.
  • Recent graduate thrives doing documentary work

    “Being part of a project like this has been amazing and at times, overwhelming…There was even a time I had to film while I was crying and had to focus the shot through my tears,” Hannapel said.
  • Debating duo to compete internationally

    “Debate has helped me develop a productive thought process,” Nubel said. “When people say things to me I don’t just take them on face; I’ll think critically.”
  • Loyola alumni Matt Wakely is a corporate health hero

    Matt Wakely, Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer at AMITA Health and Loyola alumnus, works to educate the public about trending health patterns and prevention.
  • Washington, D.C. program offers interning adventure for Loyola students

    Students of varying majors gain class credit for working four days a week at an internship placement unique to their individual skills.
  • Meet Loyola alumni Michael Misetic, a personable PR machine

    “There was nothing out there,” he said. “Folks at major PR companies weren’t going to hire a 22 year-old kid out of college with just one internship on his resume.” Fast forward 18 years and Misetic is a managing partner of Franchise Elevator Public Relations, a company that aims to grow small businesses into widely known franchises.
  • Learning global strategic communication in China

    Students said the the experience was eye opening. “One of my favorite learning experiences during the trip was our visit with Publicis in Shanghai. It was great to see the agency's culture; they were very open and honest with us about what it is like to do business in China."
  • New Staff Profile: Lauren Sanchez, Assistant Dean

    “She has a sense of calm which I think is really important. Stuff happens and [Sanchez] is that person who can help talk students off the ledge and she also does that for faculty.”
  • Film for Good

    Manager of Technology Jamason Chen and Associate Professor Aaron Greer traveled to the East African country’s capital of Nairobi to teach a two-week filmmaking program called the Film for Good Workshop
  • Digital Storytelling Workshop a Success

    “I think it was pretty cool to get to connect with [Loyola faculty and staff] a little more. Since I actually want to go into journalism, I thought it was really awesome. If it weren’t for everybody coming from Loyola, I wouldn’t really be considering it as one of my top college choices.”
  • A new take on children’s books

    Loyola professor Bren Murphy, PhD, teaches an undergraduate course called Community as Story that lets students explore gender and diversity—or lack thereof—in children’s picture books. It’s a unique way, Murphy said, to study urban communities and the individual identities found there.
  • Alum Bill Plante Gives Commencement Address and Receives Honorary Degree

    “When you think of the gold standard for political journalism, the name that comes to mind is Bill Plante. We are so proud to have him as one of our alumni and to have him come back to inspire the next generation of communicators,” said Don Heider, Dean of the SOC.
  • Animation Course Gives Students New Platform To Tell Their Stories

    School of Communication has added a new elective to its curriculum
  • Student takes first place in design competition

    School of Communication student Lauren Rasch won first place for print in this year's PSAid contest.
  • SOC Students Compete in Creative Boot Camp, Win First and Second Place

    Two students were part of an intensive, four-day creative boot camp that was hosted by Leo Burnett Worldwide and sponsored by One Club, a non-profit organization that works to recognize and promote excellence in advertising.
  • New Program to Immerse Students for a Semester in D.C.

    “Students could learn about politics and government in the most important city for each. Then they have the opportunity to complete a significant internship in a journalism organization or learn public relations or advocacy from folks who practice in the nation's capital."
  • Advocacy and Social Change Major More Relevant Than Ever

    “Advocacy is needed in any part of the non-profit sector, and I chose to pursue arts advocacy as my specific field. Throughout all of my major classes, I was given the space to do research and hands-on work with the topics that interested me, and not be stuck doing the same thing as everyone else. I saw this with a lot of my classmates too – everyone tailored their experience to fit their own wants and needs.”
  • Rambler Sports Locker at Arch Madness

    Student reporters cover the Missouri Valley Conference tournament in St. Louis
  • Successful Advertising Campaign Featured In SOC Exhibit

    "Looking at this exhibit and the history of the campaign, it puts into perspective how far we’ve come, and most importantly, where we are going.”
  • Record Number of Applicants Expected for High School Digital Storytelling Workshop

    “It's a valuable opportunity for any student who is interested in Loyola or digital media to see what it's like to study communication in a world-class city. Also, it's a chance for them to gain skills that they’ll learn at the workshop and take them back to their school newspaper, radio station, and other extracurricular activities."
  • SoC does well in BEA Awards

    Students and Faculty recognized for their work at this years Festival of Media Arts
  • The Search for Truth in Election 2016

    “I generally think that journalism really speaks to the tenants of a Jesuit education. The two strongest pillars of the Jesuit teachings are community engagement and social justice. Journalists are out there in the community uncovering the truth. If you're doing a good job, you're righting wrongs and telling the truth. That all plays into social justice.”
  • Annual Award to Promote Social Activism

    Parrella says her intention with the award is that it contributes to the daily expenses of the socially-minded student.
  • Meet Jill Geisler, the inaugural Bill Plante Chair of Leadership and Media Integrity

    Geisler was named the inaugural Bill Plante Chair of Leadership and Media Integrity in 2015. Now, she’s sharing her experience and knowledge with students in Loyola’s School of Communication.
  • Debate Team Heats Up on the Coast

    “The tournament was a lot of fun and gave me an opportunity to learn by testing my critical thinking…However, I couldn't have done it without the team, which is not only friendly and accepting, but also super talented and helpful.”
  • Parks and Recreation Actor Returns to Loyola

    Besides taking selfies with the students, O’Heir spoke about his career experiences after graduating from Loyola, and his journey from when he was an unknown, struggling actor to his current successes.
  • Loyola Reaches Out to Bhutan

    “My goal was to improve the journalism by improving the leadership. We do our best work when we have leaders who are good at what they do, who are invested in our success."
  • Truth, Lies and Election 2016

    As the presidential primary season heats up, journalists can learn the latest skills to investigate and fact-check the political rhetoric at a free forum sponsored by the American Press Institute and Loyola University Chicago's School of Communication.
  • What to Expect From Career Week 2016

    “Career Week is part of the ‘value-add’ you benefit from as a Loyola SOC student. Over three nights, right here on campus in Regents Hall of Lewis Tower, you have access to more than 40 industry professionals who are ready to meet, coach and help you.”
  • Senn High School Field Trip

    “There were so many great people at Loyola who taught us to use the technology. I could tell there was a passion there with the teachers.”
  • Great Jobs for Three SoC Grads!

    Through internship experience and student organization involvement, three SoC grads found full-time employment.
  • Dr. Patricia Kay Felkins will retire at the close of the semester

    “In some ways I will miss the students, faculty and colleagues,” she said. “I’ll miss all the opportunities we have for learning together. But I really believe that learning is a lifelong process.”
  • Big Boulder Initiative Workshop: Using Social Data for Social Good

    SOC hosts discussion with Big Boulder Initiative
  • 5th Annual International Symposium on Digital Ethics

    Topics at the fifth annual symposium touched on topics from doxxing to digital journalism.
  • Award Winning Students

    School of Communication students being recognized for their outstanding work
  • Alum, students help train tomorrow’s leaders

    In 2006, Everett Gutierrez graduated with the first advertising and public relations degree from Loyola. Nine years later, he is the founding president of Legacy Leaders International, which helps mobilize and motivate people to become leaders for the common good.
  • Debate Team Champions of Hollatz Debates

    Another Victory for our Loyola Debate Team
  • Geography of Poverty

    Photographer Matt Black visited LUC to discuss how social media changed the way journalists can tell stories
  • Remembering Mary Pat Haley

    Looking Back on the Life of Long Time Educator Mary Pat Haley,BVM
  • Meet Kat, SOC's newest Academic Adviser

    New Academic Adviser Kat Fraser hopes to help every student find his or her path.
  • Rambler Debaters Earn Top Honors

    Loyola University's Debate Team Hosts Tournament
  • Faculty member Aaron Greer’s newest film; Service to Man

    Associate Professor Aaron Greer’s film Service to Man steps closer to reality as it enters its final round of fundraising.
  • Alums find broadcast jobs!

    Three recent School of Communication alumni are proving that professional success can be simply a matter of broadening your horizons and expanding your search.
  • SOC working with journalists from the country of Georgia

    Before the fall semester had even begun, several Loyola instructors were already back in the classroom working with journalists from the country of Georgia.
  • High School Digital Storytelling Workshop 2015

    The high school workshop empowers students by giving them the tools and experience needed to tell stories through the art of audio, video, and the written word.
  • Commitment to Excellence Award

    Assistant Dean Dr. Shawna Cooper-Gibson was selected as a recipient of the Loyola University Chicago Commitment to Excellence award for the month of June.
  • The Phoenix takes top honors—again

    For the second time in six years, the Society of Professional Journalists has named the Phoenix the best non-daily student newspaper in the country. “To me it’s kind of like winning a national championship,” said Don Heider, dean of the School of Communication.
  • New Program

    New Advertising Creative Program

    Feeling creative? The School of Communication is set to begin a new Creative Advertising program
  • Bronzeville Exhibit

    Artist Philip Mallory Jones is taking the School of Communication back to the Bronzeville of yesteryear.
  • Celebrating the Career of Dr. Gilda Parrella

    Don Heider, the dean of the School of Communication, remarked: “Professor Gilda Parrella has been an amazing colleague who always brings tremendous integrity to whatever she does. She is well regarded by her colleagues, and for the past four decades has touched the lives of innumerable students.”
  • The Great Cartoon Debate

    “I think both David and Scott really touched on the power of their work. This is a form of storytelling that no one really talks about,” said Meghan Ashbrock, who managed the event. “I think there’s a lot of power in imagery and I don’t know that political cartoonists always get that type of attention.”
  • Students Win University Community Engagement Award

    “The work of the Loyola students greatly enhanced RHA’s online strategy for reaching our supporters,” said Joel Africk, the association’s president and chief executive officer. “Everyone from lung cancer patients to children with asthma will benefit from our work with Prof. Kruvand’s class.”
  • Robyne Robinson Alum 1983

    “I had amazing teachers that had real world experience in broadcasting and in print. Having people who knew what they were talking about really paved the way for me being in the city of Chicago.”
  • Dr. Bren Ortega Murphy Travels to Indonesia and India

    Murphy said the trip renewed her sense of the importance of children’s literature as a way of understanding the world and our connection to it.
  • Mark of Excellence Awards

    The awards recognized the best collegiate journalism of 2014 from Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky.
  • Cheryl McPhilimy Profile

    “Cheryl has a way of moving about the professional world that I really admire.” she said. “Seeing a woman be able to take the Chicago business scene by storm is really inspiring.”
  • Working in Chicago Exhibit Opening

    “It turned out to be this beautiful collection of all different people, all different backgrounds, all different beliefs, but they had that common Chicago working persona.”
  • BEA Awards

    “All the various categories that students were recognized in, that’s pretty telling about the program we have here at Loyola.” Goheen said. “It just reflects that’s it not just one area, but the whole school.” Out of the 92 schools that entered the competition, only a few won five or more awards.
  • Jill Geisler - Bill Plante Chair of Leadership and Media Integrity

    Internationally known management consultant and author Jill Geisler will join the School of Communication faculty at Loyola University Chicago as the inaugural Bill Plante Chair of Leadership and Media Integrity.
  • CBS-48 Hours Producers Visit SOC

    "It always starts with people…if we don’t get the people talking to us, we don’t get the story"
  • New Digital Concentration for Pastoral Studies

    Social media is what “announces the church to the world,” but that the ultimate goal of using it is to call people to the table. -Rocco Palmo
  • How Do You Get Your News?

    "We have to make our society more understanding of how they get news. When we just had mainstream media, you didn’t have this many choices, but conversely, you didn’t have the same problems.
  • SOC Career Fair 2015

    The career fair provided an invaluable opportunity for students to meet with so many prospective employers at one time. By seeing former Loyola students behind employee tables who attended the career fair themselves, students were provided with real-life examples of how opportunities the SOC provides can be important first steps in starting a career.
  • O'Brien Challenges Minority Stereotyping

    “There are hundreds of stories about white people in the news, five about black people, all about crime and entertainment, and three about Latinos, all about immigration,” said Soledad O’Brien, “There should be a hundred about everyone.”
  • WLUW receives record collection from local DJ

    The estate of the August Donely donates vinyl collection to radio station.
  • Getting Published in Korea

    One way to find career opportunities is to reach out, make connections, do informational interviews and offer ideas. You never know where those opportunities can lead. That's how Sean Keenehan found his way to KOREA Magazine.
  • Panel Examines Crime Coverage in Chicago

    How did Chitown become Chiraq? A panel discussion of seasoned journalists explored how Chicago’s media coverage of violence impacts the community, how the nation views Chicago and how reporting may promote racial stereotypes.
  • Remembering Keith Kimmons

    Megan Carabelli remembers Kimmons as a patient teacher who never became frustrated with any student. “He was one of the most unique teachers I have ever had in that he knew if he said it once we were listening,” she said.
  • Finding Culture and Creativity in Advertising

    “I like to understand how groups of people make meaning and why they behave and do the things that they do,” Dr. Morris said. “In advertising, when you learn about a target audience, you’re trying to get inside their heads."
  • No more pencils, no more books...

    “It has been exciting to watch these young media makers take their first steps,” said Greer, “I think the process of creating their stories will give them a greater, fuller appreciation for how media is developed. This workshop is a piece of media literacy and I think there is no better introduction to digital media than spending a week learning and practicing it.”
  • Rambler Sports Locker Puts Skills into Practice

    “The best part is that we get to use the equipment,” said junior Megan Carabelli, current co-assistant producer. “We get to experience working in a studio with high-tech equipment that some local studios in Chicago don’t even have.”
  • The Reinvention of Advertising

    "We understand the potential of what it means to be fully connected,” says Simple Scott, but what does it mean to be fully connected? Using websites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, and Netflix constitutes as fully connected. Ten years ago we could not imagine this immense connection.
  • Profile

    Journalist's work ethic, passion lead to recognition

    Your career is already starting when you’re in those classes. It’s building the foundation … You need to be in the mindset that the impression you give off when you go to class is the impression your employers are going to see, said Jackie Ingles
  • Covering Guns: A McCormick Specialized Reporting Institute

    “After the shooting at Sandy Hook [Elementary] School, as I was watching the news, I became increasingly anxious about wildly inaccurate reporting about guns,” said Al Tompkins, The Poynter Institute’s senior faculty for broadcasting and online.
  • SoC Opens Weekend of Excellence

    Students in the School of Communication were honored for outstanding achievement during Loyola's Weekend of Excellence. On Friday SOC opened the weekends events with a reception for award winning students in ADPR, Communication Studies, International Film and Media Studies and Journalism and a showcase of student projects. On Monday the The Ebeling PR-ize was awarded at the ADPR Reception.
  • Loyola Debaters Win an all-Expenses Paid Trip to Europe

    Junior Philip Kraft and Freshman Joseph Carroll went to the quarterfinals of the Élysée Treaty Debates, hosted by The Embassy of France and The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, in collaboration with American University and George Washington University.
  • Experiencing the High School Summer Digital Workshop

    “This is really a way for them to experience college,” said Meghan Ashbrock, SoC events coordinator. “It’s a lot of what our School of Communication students experience. It’s a week in the life of an SoC student.”
  • Photography Sparks Emotion

    “Seen, Unseen” will include Sandro’s well-known “American Bikers” and “Cuban Faces” portraits, as well as “Atropa,” “Massa” and his new “Peering In: Photographs of an Overstimulated Society.” The work in the exhibit is either of portraiture or images about human bodies.
  • Mixing Gaming with Digital Advertising

    “We should know the process of how consumers process advertising information. However, [students] also need to know how to use newer platforms, like games, mobile apps and any of the newer technologies,” Dr. Yoo said.
  • Building Peace Through Media

    ‌“Journalism is fundamental to bringing … issues to public attention,” said SOC Associate Professor Gilda Parrella. Bringing attention to issues will be one of the key topics at a panel discussion called Building Peace Through Media at the “Pacem in Terris: Building Peace in Chicago and Beyond” conference on Saturday, March 23 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • The Phoenix Awarded Honors at ICPA Convention

    The Phoenix took home five awards in the open division, which compares all schools regardless of student body size or frequency of publication, from more than 30 schools across the state of Illinois for their work during 2012.
  • How do you Trust the News in a Digital World?

    Pressure for instantaneous news has created a blurred line between valuing expedience over accuracy, which the panel said raises several issues for both news organizations as well as readers in this digital age.
  • Loyola Debate Team caps off Another Successful Season

    This year freshman Joe Carroll and junior Phil Kraft qualified for the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence. “This is what we were working for from day one,” said Kraft.
  • Hoovers Come as a Package Deal

    There are four things successful screenwriters need: a lack of sleep, an espresso machine, ideas and a passion for what they’re doing. Screenwriters Beth and Gary “Gar” Hoover currently teach a special topics class focused on advanced screenwriting in SoC and a Story for TV and Film class at Second City.
  • Suit Up: Tailor Yourself on a Student Budget

    Stylist Nancy Plummer transformed five students’ wardrobes and showcased their makeovers as part of SOC's career week events. Each of the students’ new outfits cost less than $130 and included many staple items that could be mixed and matched to create more than one look.
  • How the SoC Career Fair changed my life!

    After a phone and an in-person interview, Monica Harris (AD/PR 2011) was hired as a planning coordinator and started working at Groupon five days after graduating. “Never turn down a conversation, because you never know what [recruiters] might have in their back pocket for you,” Harris said.
  • Students Enter Chicago Auto Show Video Achievement Awards

    Loyola students were busy at Media Day and among the crowd filming at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show for their first Multimedia Commercial Production class assignment. Reel Dreamz Productions' 'Love at the Auto Show' took top honors.
  • Profile

    It’s all about taking initiative

    Jessica Cilella said, “I think the biggest thing as a student from the time you get into school to when you get into the field, it's all about taking initiative.”
  • Students Create Statewide Education Campaign

    “I’LL Be Healthy” could be the campaign in Illinois that helps raise awareness of the Affordable Care Act, according to Kathy Waligora, policy and communication coordinator for the Illinois Maternal and Child Health Coalition.
  • Profile

    Go forth and set Streetwise on fire…figuratively speaking

    Brittany Langmeyer said, “With all of our service learning at Loyola I think that helped me come to StreetWise and think I want to be an incredible professional, I want to be revered in my field but also I really want to help people when I do it. I want to use those things to help people.”
  • Profile

    This is my Life Project

    “I decided to take a break from mainstream media and follow up on several projects I had, some that I had started a while ago,” Anthe Mitrakos (Journalism, 2010) said. “So I launched a new magazine.”
  • Digital Media and Storytelling

    Do you have a story? More importantly, can you tell it? And, can you tell it digitally? SOC's MC program's first cohort has around 17 students that come from a wide range of professional and educational backgrounds.
  • Profile

    If you really want it, go for it.

    “My life was crazy, I was living the opposite of everyone else,” Nathan Bobinchak (Journalism 2011) said. “Now I’m at ABC and my schedule is easier, but I didn’t get there without working seven days a week, weekend nights, working over night shifts all the time.”"
  • Profile

    I had to throw out my play book

    “Every day is different; each month I’m adding a new responsibility or a new project." said Lauren Krause, (Journalism, 2010). "So my role is just constantly evolving, which I think is actually really exciting for young journalists."
  • Finding Careers in Advocacy and Social Change

    “I’m empowering youth to tell their own stories. It’s an inspiring way to see the perspective of youth through media,” Alex Miller, development and communications coordinator for Free Spirit Media, said. “I’ve taken the skills I’ve learned at Loyola and invested them back into the communities that invested in me.”
  • V-Day 11.11.11 Premiers at Loyola

    Robin Pannier said, “It’s kind of like the mother said in the film, ‘When I sit at home I cry by myself,’ when we get out with people we can laugh and we can joke. And that’s why you get out and do what you do, so you’re not at home crying.”
  • Writing on the Wall, Literally

    “I understood what it was and like I said to Chaka, get some good calligraphy. I was looking for the art,” Prigoff said. “I was looking to give these people some dignity because they had talent I knew that they would grow and mature and I saw what they can do.”
  • Radio: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

    “Even if you don’t go into radio it really prepares you to go into the real world,” John Kosiba said. “To this day, I can speak to any person about any topic and that was because of the professors and the Communication department as well as the radio station.”
  • Loyola’s Second Annual Symposium on Digital Ethics

    “The way I see it, we are tempted by technology that offers the allusion of companionship without the demands of friendship,” Sherry Turkle said via Skype, unable to attend because of Hurricane Sandy. “We’re asking more from technology than we are from each other. That’s not a comfortable human position; it’s not a comfortable ethical position.”
  • Learning about Careers in Health Communication

    “Health communication has been the fastest-growing area of specialization in public relations for at least 15 years,” Assistant Professor Marjorie Kruvand said. “There are excellent opportunities to do different types of health communication."
  • Viewing the Political Landscape from Behind the Scenes

    Tom Bevan,co-founder of political website, RealClearPolitics, encouraged students to “be optimistic” when moving ahead with their careers, citing his own story as an example how a risk can turn a dream into reality.
  • SOC Faculty Present at AEJMC

    “In the digital realm, almost everything is measurable. But are we taking best advantage of all this new information?” David Kamerer said. His presentation focused on encouraging educators to embrace teaching with web analytics.
  • LUC's Nationally Ranked Debate Team Scores Big at Purdue

    There were 44 competitors eligible for speaking honors in the varsity division at the Boilermaker Express debate tournament. Grace Labriola took first place award, and Meghan Maloy was awarded 10th place.
  • Capturing Summer Stories

    28 articles, 32 videos, 47 photos, 53 points on a Google map , and one complete website. All in five days. This would seem a difficult feat for any team of journalists, but the storytellers behind this project make these statistics even more impressive
  • Student Photographers Explore Historic Churches

    “There’s a lot of history here, but a lot of challenges too,” said Associate Dean John Slania, “These historic churches tell the history of Chicago.” Many of these churches are aging and need millions of dollars to return them to their original condition.
  • Loyola Skater Aiming for the Olympics in Russia

    Koris is a full-time student, which means balancing her athletic training and schoolwork can be challenging. She currently skates every day, three days a week figure skating in Chicago and four days speed skating in Milwaukee at the closest long track skating rink, where she can practice 500 and 1000 meter races.
  • Dutch Communication Students Visit Loyola

    Loyola’s School of Communication went international on Oct. 11 when a delegation of 30 Dutch communication students visited Chicago. After their stay in Chicago, they will travel to Boston and New York City.
  • Loyola Students’ Film Screened at Cannes

    “I think we learned a lot about film as an industry in the business sense, which is hard to teach in the classroom,” said Taylor Banasik, “The film industry encompasses so many jobs, you wouldn’t even imagine.”
  • Health Communication Offers New Career Options

    “I think anyone who’s open to exploring an interesting career opportunity or career path,” said Associate Professor Marjorie Kruvand. “To succeed in health communication you don’t need to know a lot about medicine or health, you don’t have to be a science whiz, you just have to have the interest and be willing to learn.”
  • Society, Technology and Games

    “It’s not enough to study the tools, you have to study the social issues behind it,” said Dr. Florence Chee, “In communication and in everyday, we’re bombarded with the flashy things. We don’t always dig deep and think about why and how we use these technologies.”
  • British Debate was Brilliant

    Philip Kraft, Loyola debate team president, said that they learned a great deal from the British debaters both during and after the debate. “It was great that we had some time to sit down with them and talk about different strategies used in international competitions” Kraft said.
  • New Chile Study Abroad Class Teaches Digital Storytelling

    “It really fulfills that desire to experience something outside the U.S. You’re getting class credit, you’re getting international experience and it helps you get some experience of what it’s like in the real world without having to be away for three or four months,” said John Goheen
  • SOC Instructor Pushes Students to Achieve

    The working world is competitive and constantly changing because of new technology, said Richelle Rogers. She tries to adapt her classes to skills they’ll need in the careers by making sure they can write, shoot, edit and think critically.
  • Debate Team Competes at Oxford University

    The Oxford debates focused on resolutions such as gender testing of athletes. “The interesting aspect of these topics is that they did not come from a United States perspective,” said David Romanelli, who attended the tournament as the team’s coach
  • SOC Media Showcase

    “I think it’s very valuable and important for people to have their worked screened publicly and to experience watching their work with other people,” said Aaron Greer, associate professor and showcase coordinator.
  • SOC Organization Fair

    From learning how to build professional relationships to writing for a student newspaper, SOC student organizations prepare students for the real world - and real jobs.
  • Career Week 2014: Resumes that Pop

    “It’s a remarkable opportunity to meet with those professionals who are there with the sole purpose to help Loyola students,” said SOC Director of Internship and Career Services Cheryl McPhilimy.
  • Loyola debaters awarded first round bid to nationals

    Loyola senior Phillip Kraft and first year student Megan Nubel have accepted a first round invitation to attend the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence.
  • Digital Storytelling in Santiago

    That hope hints at what Goheen cited as the idea behind the digital storytelling trip in the first place: a chance for students to experience a new culture without veering from their academic track.
  • SIMLab Opening

    “We want to bring the humanity back into technology,” said Chee. “It’s a space we hope to have a lot of conversations about society and technology in.”
  • Loyola Phoenix Wins Top Awards

    The paper’s editorial staff and student writers left the Illinois College Press Association (ICPA) convention February 22 weighed down by some hefty awards.
  • Rust Belt Cities Photography Exhibit

    De Perlinghi said that at least he’s done what he can do: share the story.
  • Meet our Alumni

    He’s a connoisseur of words, quick to quote Abraham Lincoln or poet Carl Sandburg. And it works for him. After all, he’s a public relations professional; he deals in the trade of words.
  • Meet our Faculty

    “I’m interested in how the history of the web gets written and how it gets studied,” said Dougherty, SOC Assistant Professor.
  • Journalism Mentor Program at Senn High School

    Wednesday through Friday, SPJ volunteers work with students improve their writing skills and spend their time teaching journalism staples like how to construct a news lead. The volunteers also have the chance to bring in their own tailored lesson plans to teach to the class.
  • SOC Instructor Awarded Top Honors

    It’s not every day that a Loyola professor wins an Emmy. But video and documentary professor John Goheen has now gone beyond that - he’s being inducted into the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ Silver Circle.
  • Senn Students Visit SOC

    The field trip to Loyola’s School of Communication offered Senn students exposure to college-level instruction in digital journalism.
  • High School Digital Media 2014

    The goal of the High School Digital Storytelling Workshop is not only to teach students about digital technology, but also offer them a broader perspective on their world.
  • New MS Program to Give Students Global Perspective, International Communication Skills

    This is a hybrid advertising, public relations, communication and social media program designed to give students a broader global perspective and prepare them to work internationally.
  • Loyola Sends Off Beloved Professor

    Instructor of journalism, Pulitzer Prize finalist, and longtime Chicago Tribune editor Don Wycliff retired from his journalism career this year, and Loyola’s School of Communication saw it fit to throw him a party.
  • Storytelling in Santiago

    Loyola Students Return From Unique Mission To Santiago, Chile
  • Loyola Debaters Victorious At Rambler Debate Tournament

    Loyola Debaters Victorious At Rambler Debate Tournament
  • Loyola Longform Debuts 'Working In Chicago'

    People who take on hard jobs with long hours: Working in Chicago
  • Meet Our Staff: LeeAnn Shelton

    As a professor, Shelton is all about pushing people out of their comfort zones.
  • Meet our Alumni: Lou Canellis

    "I tell every high school student who's thinking about college that one of the big reasons why I didn't have to start my career in a small market is because I went to Loyola in the city."
  • Researching Yelp

    Loyola Public Relations Professor David Kamerer is researching Yelp’s filtering process to find out how and why Yelp decides some reviews might be fake or spam.
  • Debate Team Victory

    Rambler Debate Team Victorious
  • Loyola Celebrates 10th Annual Octoberfest

    Students, faculty and staff gathered on the first floor of the SOC building for the 10th Annual Octoberfest. Guests enjoyed live music from an accordion player, food and refreshments to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the School of Communication and celebrate tradition.
  • Dance the Vote

    A group of students, faculty, and alumni from the School of Communication joined with the Loyola Dance Program and school kids from Peirce Elementary in Edgewater, to create a unique PSA aimed at increasing voter turnout: “Dance the Vote!”
  • Symposium features on issues facing marginalized identities

    “I would like to see really courageous, intersectional feminist thinking about design, ethics and science take the center stage in these emerging conversations about data and technology".
  • WTTW’s Phil Ponce named visiting lecturer at Loyola

    Phil Ponce, the award-winning journalist and host of Chicago Tonight, has been appointed as a visiting lecturer at Loyola University Chicago’s School of Communication.
  • Ten Years of the SoC: A Retrospective

    Class of 2018 alumna, Carlie Williams, takes a look back at Ten Years of excellence at Loyola University Chicago’s School of Communication.
  • School of Communication hosts FOIA Fest

    FOIA Fest is a daylong conference dedicated to press freedom.
  • News

    WLUW marks anniversary with alumni takeover

    Alumni return to station to recall their time on the air.
  • The First Amendment and Extreme Speech

    Loyola School of Law's Ray and Mary Simon Chair in Constitutional Law and the School of Communication's Center for Digital Ethics and and Policy present a panel on March 12th.
  • In memory of Dr. Sammy “Doc” Danna

    School of Communication mourns the loss of longtime professor Dr. Sammy R. Danna.
  • Student journalists St. Louis bound for Arch Madness

    It’s spring break at Loyola, and the School of Communication is sending another group of students to St. Louis to cover Arch Madness.
  • Media executives learn new leadership skills at Loyola

    Media executives from around the globe learned new leadership skills during a recent workshop hosted by Loyola’s School of Communication.
  • NEWS

    Alum reflects on long NBA career

    NBA executive Brian McIntyre featured on "Last Dance" documentary.
  • Students to honor colleague with special graduation scarves

    Father Cesaire Mounda, who passed in November, will be remembered at May commencement.
  • CDEP Panel on Data Hygiene for Journalists

    Have you ever thought about how your metadata can put you at risk? Do you encrypt your material? Are you aware of the difference between deleting and erasing information? Are you able to remotely wipe your devices? If the answer is no to any of these questions and you are a working journalist (to be), you might consider attending this panel on the Loyola Water Tower Campus this April.
  • AD/PR program hosts annual awards ceremony and reception

    The Advertising and Public Relations program of Loyola University Chicago’s School of Communication is excited to host its annual spring award ceremony and reception on Monday, April 15.
  • SOC student scores internship with NHL team

    A Loyola journalism student is spending her semester interning for the Nashville Predators
  • SOC celebrates 10th anniversary with gala

    Students, faculty and staff mark a decade of success.
  • Former Phoenix reporter wins Pulitzer Prize

    Tony Messenger, a former staff member of The Phoenix, Loyola’s student newspaper, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize.
  • Pair earns wins in PSAID poster design contest

    Two School of Communication students earned top honors in this year’s Public Service Announcements for International Disasters (PSAID) “Cash is Best” poster contest.
  • Professor named Director of Illinois Film Office

    Peter Hawley, a filmmaker and adjunct professor, has been named as the new Director of the Illinois Film Office.
  • Congratulations to the 2019 graduating class of Loyola’s School of Communication

    School of Communication graduates headed off to jobs and graduate schools
  • Students report on Puerto Rico recovery

    Class visits storm-ravaged island to document rebuilding efforts.
  • Students explore Chicago at storytelling workshop

    High school students from across the nation attend Summer Digital Storytelling workshop.
  • SOC Students discover South Korea

    Global Strategic Communications graduate students spend two weeks studying the culture and consumerism of South Korea.
  • News show features two Loyola instructors

    Part-time instructors Phil Ponce and Peter Hawley appear on Chicago Tonight.
  • New dean; new era

    Hong Cheng, Ph.D., joins Loyola as new dean of School of Communication.
  • Artist opens political cartoon exhibit

    Tribune’s Scott Stantis kicks off exhibit of his work.
  • Loyola screens Flannery O’Connor documentary

    Dr. Elizabeth Coffman presents new film.
  • FOIAFest cited for role in journalism award

    Loyola-hosted event honored for work in supporting the First Amendment.
  • Activist wins Loyola Digital Ethics award

    Taylor Dumpson to accept award at Nov. 7 symposium.
  • SOC student wins President's Medallion

    Emily Robertson captures award.
  • SOC hosts workplace integrity training

    "Train the Trainers" program has record-breaking turnout
  • Activist accepts Digital Ethics Award

    Taylor Dumpson speaks at Symposium on Digital Ethics.
  • Loyola students volunteer at Lights Festival

    SOC students perform service at Magnificent Mile Lights Festival.
  • Writing a new chapter

    Ralph Braseth departs for new opportunities.
  • Loyola opens new podcast studio

    State-of-the-art facility part of student radio station.
  • SOC honors mid-year graduates

    Students hear inspiring words at commencement ceremony.
  • Forum will explore brand advocacy

    "Take a Stand with Your Brand" will spark conversation between industry professionals that have experience creating work for brands that take a public side on controversial issues.
  • NEWS

    Phoenix named top weekly newspaper in Illinois

    Loyola’s student newspaper captures 18 awards at competition.
  • New Provost visits School of Communication

    Norberto Grzywacz speaks at Virtual Reality class.
  • SOC alters spring operating hours

    Offers online support for students and faculty.
  • On the Homefront

    School of Communication students share their experiences back home during the coronavirus pandemic
  • On the Homefront

    School of Communication students share their experiences back home during the coronavirus pandemic
  • On the Homefront

    School of Communication students share their experiences back home during the coronavirus pandemic
  • On the Homefront

    School of Communication students share their experiences back home during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • SOC volunteers to help those in need

    Students, faculty, staff do good deeds during crisis.
  • On the Homefront

    School of Communication students share their experiences back home during the coronavirus pandemic
  • Student uses art to spread joy

    Elle Van Grinsven encourages friends to keep the faith.
  • On the Homefront

    School of Communication students share their experiences back home during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • On the Homefront

    School of Communication students share their experiences back home during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Student creates gift bags for needy

    Campaign raises funds to buy food and personal items.
  • On the Homefront

    School of Communication students share their experiences back home during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Student lands job before graduation

    Tiffany Goldstein hired as Global Content Editor at McDonald’s.
  • On the Frontline: Elise Haas

    On the Front Line features School of Communication alumni reflecting on their jobs dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.
  • On the Front Lines

    Loyola journalism alumni report on the pandemic.
  • SOC hosts virtual Year-End Celebration

    Students, faculty and staff reflect on school year.
  • Loyola adds Environmental Communication minor

    Minor to offer skills in communicating about environmental issues
  • On the Homefront: Alumni Edition

    School of Communication alumni share their experiences during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Professor wins Ken Burns prize for documentary

    Dr. Elizabeth Coffman receives award for Flannery O’Connor film.
  • Career Fair sees record attendance despite weather

    Loyola students set out to reach their professional goals at the January 29 Marketing, Communication and Media Career Fair in Schreiber Center
  • Iceland Airwaves Festival 2018

    Loyola SOC student Carolyn Droke shares her experience at the Iceland Airwaves Festival
  • SOC Dean vows to rebuild studio

    Plans call for damages to be repaired by fall semester.
  • On the Front Lines

    Mary Sugden reports on the coronavirus pandemic from Rockford, Illinois.
  • Advocating for Black Equity, Striving for Racial Justice

    Dean Hong Cheng's message to the SOC community
  • Students, faculty to present at major conference

    Groups to present papers at AEJMC virtual event in August
  • On the Homefront

    School of Communication students share their experiences back home during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Student charity supports peaceful protestors

    Indonesia Dixon feeds protestors marching against racial injustice.
  • SOC alumna covers recent events in Atlanta

    Alex Whittler reports on pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement.
  • SOC student pens poem to support Black Lives Matter

    Kobey Davis' poem is published in Vocalizine
  • On the Homefront

    School of Communication students share their experiences back home during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • NEWS

    SOC hosts Student Organization Fair

    A dozen clubs and organizations present at virtual event
  • Loyola scholars attend virtual conference

    Students and professors present research, perform official duties, at online AEJMC event.
  • We're on the air!

    WLUW student DJs keep radio station live through remote broadcasts.
  • Honoring the life of Melissa Beck-Boratyn

    Melissa Beck-Boratyn's film chronicled her battle with cancer