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University Marketing and Communication

Filming and Photography on Campus

It is the policy of Loyola University Chicago that all filming or photography on any of Loyola’s campuses be approved in advance. Written permission must be granted by Loyola’s University Marketing and Communication office before any filming or photography can take place. All requests must be submitted a minimum of one week in advance.

The University will grant requests in accordance with the guidelines outlined below. Loyola reserves the right to refuse or revoke requests for filming or photography on its property for any reason, including but not limited to:

  • Inappropriate use of the name, logo, or branding of Loyola University Chicago
  • Violations of student, faculty, or staff privacy
  • Any disruption of University business, classes, academic research, or student activities
  • Disruption of traffic, parking, or pedestrian walkways
  • Any safety hazards or potential damage to University property

Commercial filming/photography

Note: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, no external parties will be allowed to film on campus at this time.

All commercial requests must be submitted in writing to University Marketing and Communication for approval at least one week in advance. Please complete this request form and provide as many details as possible so that we may process your request in a timely manner.

Professional videographers and photographers who wish to be granted permission to shoot on Loyola’s campus must:

  • Obtain written permission from the University in advance of any work on Loyola’s property
  • Ensure that their work and conduct is consistent with the values of Loyola University Chicago and all University policies
  • Carry credentials with them at all times when on campus and maintain appropriate liability insurance
  • Not use the name, logos, or branding of Loyola University Chicago in any way without advance written permission
  • Not interfere with the daily operations of the University or the privacy of Loyola’s students, faculty, and staff

News media filming/photography

Loyola University Chicago will respond to requests from media professionals seeking to film or photograph on campus for news-related, non-commercial purposes. All requests from members of the media—including print publications, broadcast outlets, or any online or social media—must be approved by Anna Rozenich, director of communication, arozenich@LUC.edu. Please refer to our media relations policy for more information.

University Athletics

Any requests to film or photograph student athletes or sporting events should be directed to Bill Behrns, Assistant Athletic Director-Athletic Communications, 773.508.2497 or bbehrns@LUC.edu.

University department requests

Loyola faculty and staff are welcome to hire outside photographers and videographers to document events on campus or to produce materials reflecting the work being done at the University. Any such requests must be in compliance with University policies as outlined on this page. University Marketing and Communications can provide a list of approved freelance photographers and videographers who may be able to fulfill your needs. Please see our Hiring a Photographer or Hiring a Videographer FAQ for more information.

Consent forms

Individual Loyola University Chicago students, faculty, and staff cannot be filmed or photographed without their written consent. If you obtain permission from the University Marketing and Communication office for filming or photography on campus, you will still need to get signed consent forms from any Loyola students and employees you wish to photograph or film. A copy of our consent form can be found here.

Events on campus

Permission of the event organizer is required to film or photograph any event on campus and can be obtained through the University Marketing and Communication office. The ability to film or photograph speakers on campus will be dependent upon that individual’s speaking agreement with Loyola and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

For events where individuals in the crowd may be captured in photos or video and it is not feasible to obtain individual consent forms, a general crowd consent notice should be posted. This notice should be made clearly visible at all entrances to the event so that attendees are aware they may be photographed or recorded. Sample language can be found here.

Personal photography

Visitors to Loyola University Chicago are welcome to take photographs on campus for their personal use. Personal photos may be taken by students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, and other visitors provided they are used exclusively for non-commercial purposes and do not interfere with any University operations.

Additional information

For any additional questions, contact the University Marketing and Communication office:

Scott Alessi
Senior Manager, Content Strategy