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Loyola University Employees' Retirement Plan (LUERP)

The LUERP pension office is currently attempting to locate a number of participants with out of date addresses. If you recently received a letter from the LUERP Retirement Office asking you to confirm your current mailing address, please proceed exactly as the letter indicates and return your written response to the LUERP office as soon as possible.

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Your Loyola retirement benefits are an important part of your total compensation today and a key to your financial security for the future. The Loyola University Employees' Retirement Plan (LUERP) and other qualified pension plans offered by your employer, together with Social Security and your personal savings, are intended to provide you with income during retirement.

LUERP was established in 1949 and has since been amended a number of times to provide greater benefits, to offer additional payment options, to create more flexibility for participants, and to comply with new legislation. The Plan was most recently amended effective January 1, 2008. The current plan provisions are reflected on this site.

The plan provides retirement benefits to approximately 6,000 regular full- and part-time employees at seven Jesuit institutions that have met the plan's eligibility, participation, and vesting requirements. LUERP is a frozen 401(a) qualified defined benefit plan that entitles vested participants to a monthly benefit at age 65 for the remainder of their lives. The plan uses one of two formulas to determine the participant's monthly benefit amount.

The formulas factor in the number of years of benefit service worked at a participating employer and the participant's final average earnings up to the freeze date. Whichever formula results in a larger benefit equals the participant's monthly benefit at age 65 retirement. More information may be found in the Summary Plan Description (SPD). The SPD is a document that is intended to explain the LUERP Plan in terms that are easy to understand.

Your benefit may be distributed to you after you are no longer employed by any of the LUERP participating employers. You may request an estimate at any time to determine the estimated value of your LUERP account using our online request system. Simply click on the Request an Estimate link below to fill in the required information and click "Submit." Our pension specialists must calculate each request individually and will forward your results within 2 weeks. (Please note: during peak request times it may take up to 3 weeks to receive your estimate)

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Please note: The LUERP froze in 2004. If you were hired in 2003 you may not be eligible for this benefit because a one year "waiting period" was required in order to become a participant. All eligibility, participation, and benefit accruals ceased as of the Plan Freeze date.

For questions regarding LUERP, you may contact:

Donna Piha
LUERP Manager
Phone: 312.915.7925

David Siembal
LUERP Specialist
Phone: 312.915.7209