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Retiree Benefits

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2016 Retiree Rates

Retirement Checklist

Retiree Medical Plan—Detailed information regarding Loyola's Retiree Medical Plan including co-insurance amounts, deductibles, prescription drugs, etc. You'll also find many Frequently Asked Questions about the medical plan in this section.

Retiree Health Account—Detailed information about the Retiree Health Account, including Frequently Asked Questions & a Side-by-Side Comparison chart of the differences between Option B1 & Option B2 may be found in this section.

Retirement 101 Knowledge Center—Information about what happens to your current benefits after retirement; Helpful basic info on Medicare; a Retirement Checklist with a suggested timeline; and information about continuing your Loyola UVID & Groupwise email after retirement may all be found in this section.

On-Line Forms—Under this link you will find information regarding retiree enrollment forms; claim forms for your Retiree Health Account; Retiree Computing Agreement.

Your dedication to Loyola University Chicago throughout the years has played an important role in making this university the superior academic institution that it is today. As you approach retirement, you’ll need to make some important decisions in order to choose a retiree medical insurance plan that fits your needs and the needs of your family. The Human Resources office is committed to providing you with the resources and information necessary to assist you in making an informed decision. For more information, please contact the benefits office at 312.915.6175, to schedule a one-on-one appointment with one of our benefit specialists.

The first step in retirement planning is to review the Checklist for Retirement at least 90 days prior to your retirement.  It will provides you with a guide for what you may need to consider or act on in preparation for retirement.   

Upon retirement, if you have met the eligibility requirements, you must elect or decline enrollment in the retiree medical plan, and complete the enrollment form for the retiree health account. See below for more details.

Loyola University Retiree Medical PlanRetiree Health Account
  • Retiree insurance plan administered by Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Flexibility of using the doctors & hospitals of your choice
  • Highest level of payment will be for all services rendered at LUHS (Loyola University Health System)
  • Plan coordinates coverage with Medicare as a “carve-out” plan
  • Must enroll within 31 days of retirement
  • May enroll self & any eligible dependents
  • Retiree pays the full cost of coverage for all individuals
For more detailed information including FAQs, see the Retiree Medical Plan
This account represents Loyola’s contribution towards payment of healthcare expenses after retirement:
  • Balance in account accumulates at a rate of $2,750 per year
  • For all years of full-time service worked between the ages of 50 through 65
  • At retirement, you must choose between Option B1 & Option B2 in order to gain access to your account
Many questions may be answered by reviewing the FAQ’s and Side-by-Side Comparison Chart. To review, see the Retiree Health Account

Eligibility: In order to be eligible for both the Retiree Medical Plan and the Retiree Health Account, an employee must be at least sixty (60) years old AND have a minimum of ten (10) years of continuous full-time University service, immediately prior to their retirement date.