The Faculty Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Liaison (DEIL) Program utilizes existing faculty to serve as resources and provide a support network for their colleagues. We develop leaders from within the LUC community, selecting faculty who have demonstrated a knowledge of and commitment to DEI issues. These faculty liaisons will be educated about our DEI resources, create and deliver DEI programming, serve as diversity advocates on hiring committees, and act as a coach for a subset of faculty from under-represented groups.

New DEIL members will complete training in August. All DEIL members will participate in 2-3 additional information sessions throughout the year. They will deliver at least two learning modules per semester to their peers (e.g., at faculty meetings, for their college/school/institute) and create one new learning module per year based on their expertise. They will serve as a coach for 5 junior faculty from under-represented groups. They will also serve as a diversity advocate on 2 search committees per year. DEIL program members will receive a $5,000 annual stipend.

As Loyola University Chicago continues to address structural and institutional racism both on our campus and in our communities, one of the main priorities is implementing a new process to encourage diversity in faculty hiring. Deans, Department Chairs, and Search Committee Chairs can request a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Liaison (DEIL) to consult at any stage of the search process. DEILs come from outside the unit that is conducting the hiring process and they do not vote or serve as a committee member, nor do they write up reports on the search. DEILs provide a helpful perspective on how to engage with practices that promote inclusion in the hiring process. It is best to work with a DEIL from early in the hiring process, so that they can provide support. DEILs can consult on topics that include confronting implicit bias, creating an inclusive job advertisement, cultivating diversity in job applicants, and writing a Search Committee Diversity Narrative. DEILs can also provide training on Inclusive Hiring for students on hiring committees who do not have access to Enterprise Learning Hub. 

Please contact the Associate Director of Faculty Affairs to request a DEIL as early in the process as possible. When requesting to work with a DEIL, please indicate when you anticipate that your committee will start to meet with the DEIL, topics that you would like the DEIL to consult on, and the timeline of the search. DEILs are not expected to work over university breaks, holidays, and summer session. 


Brook W. Abegaz
Assistant Professor

Brook W. Abegaz, Ph.D.

Tavis D. Jules
Associate Professor

Tavis D. Jules, Ed.D.

Alma Begicevic

Alma Begicevic, Ph.D.

Brian L. Kelly
Associate Professor

Brian L. Kelly, Ph.D.

Sarah Cullen Fuller
Lecturer of Dance

Sarah Cullen Fuller

Cynthia P. Paidipati
Assistant Professor

Cynthia P. Paidipati, Ph.D.

Jose M. Castellanos
Clinical Asst Professor Ft

Jose M. Castellanos, Ph.D.

Jessica R. Brown

Jessica R. Brown, M.Ed., M.A.

Kelly B. Howe
Associate Professor

Kelly B. Howe, Ph.D.