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Endowed Chairs and Professorships

Loyola’s mission of teaching and research is supported by the outstanding contributions of our endowed chairs and professors, who we recognize on this site. Endowed faculty positions bring to the University established scholars and professionals recognized by their peers as experts in their fields.

Our endowed chairs and professors add vibrancy to Loyola’s shared faculty life and to the transformative education provided to our students. Over the past few years, through the allocation of funding generously provided during our Capital Campaign, Loyola has established additional endowments at an unprecedented rate, building scholarly strength in areas of strategic emphasis and mission alignment.

On this site we honor the distinguished scholars who hold these chairs and professorships and celebrate, with them, the richness that their contributions bring to the intellectual life of the University. 

Lakeside Campus 2021-2022


NameEndowed Chair or Professorship
Ian Cornelius  English, Chair
Miguel Diaz Theology, Chair
Jennifer Forestal Political Science, Professorship
James Gathii Law, Chair
Jill Geisler Communication, Professorship
Diane Geraghty Law, Chair
Carol Joy Gordon Philosophy, Chair
Elliot Gorn History, Chair
Jennifer Griffin Management, Professorship
Michael Hewitt Information Systems & Supply Chain Management, Chair 
Hille Haker Theology, Chair
Edmondo Lupieri Theology, Professorship
Anastasios Malliaris Economics, Professorship
Graham Moran Chemistry, Chair
Johanna Oksala Philosophy, Professorship
Clifford Shultz Marketing, Professorship
Carla Simonini Modern Languages & Literatures, Professorship
Barry Sullivan Law, Chair
Alexander Tsesis Law, Chair
Linda Tuncay Zayer Marketing, Chair
Arup Varma Management, Chair
Marta Werner English, Chair

Health Sciences Campus 2021-2022


NameEndowed Chair or Professorship
Kathy Albain         Medicine, Endowed Professor
Charles Bouchard                       Ophthalmology, Endowed Chair
Luis Fernandez Surgery, Endowed Professor
Vivian Gahtan Surgery, Endowed Chair
Alexander Ghanayem Orthopedic Surgery and Rehabilitation, Endowed Chair
Christopher Gonzalez Urology, Endowed Chair
Richard Gonzalez Surgery, Endowed Professor
Gregory Gruener Neurology, Endowed Professor
Simon Kaja Ophthalmology, Endowed Assistant Professor
Mark Kuczewski Medical Education, Endowed Professor
Amy Luke Public Health Sciences, Endowed Professor
Stephen MacLeod Surgery, Endowed Professor
Toni Pak Cell and Molecular Physiology, Endowed Chair
Ronald Potkul Obstetrics and Gynecology, Endowed Chair
Marcus Quek Urology, Endowed Professor
Mushabbar Syed Medicine, Endowed Professor
Eva Wojcik Pathology, Endowed Chair


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